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Can Shopify SEO Services Boost Your Sales Numbers?

The goal of any decent digital marketing campaign is to improve sales. If your Shopify store is experiencing lagging sales numbers, it might be time to take a hard look at your SEO and see how you can improve it.

Why SEO and not other forms of marketing? Search engine optimization might seem obscure if you have had mixed results in the past, but this is actually one of the most potentially lucrative forms of digital marketing out there. The right Shopify SEO services can absolutely transform the amount of traffic and sales you receive, but your campaign must be handled correctly to get these kinds of results.

Specific Benefits of Shopify SEO Services

How can you tell if your Shopify website is underperforming? Your sales are always a good health metric, although this doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story. Does your website get enough organic impressions and traffic in Google? Are you providing enough content on your website to keep your bounce rate low? Are you taking advantage of backlinks and do you even have a backlink strategy in place?

A properly managed Shopify SEO campaign will be able to not only help you get sales, but can even help you build brand awareness and help you connect with customers as well. SEO, when implemented correctly, can have a profound impact on the trustworthiness and authority of your store, which will influence the overall quality of your brand. There’s simply no substitute for organic rankings. If your Shopify store appears high in the search results, this will signal to users that your site is professional and worth investigating further. The authority that is conveyed with organic rankings is a benefit unto itself which can trickle down to other aspects of your business.

For instance, if a user has previously searched for a certain product and sees your website appear high in the search results, and then they later encounter one of your PPC ads on Facebook or Instagram, they will be much more likely to click the ad because they have already seen that you rank well in Google. This is simply one example of many potential scenarios. SEO feeds every aspect of your business, because running an eCommerce business relies so much on trust. If you can connect with your customers and get them to trust your business, you will be able to drive sales much more effectively.

Professional Shopify SEO Services Your Business Can Rely On

You can’t trust just any SEO agency to get you the kind of results you need in order to increase your sales. If you manage a Shopify store, you know that eCommerce can be highly competitive and requires a deep understanding of buyer intent, certain keywords, and different industries. That’s why you need Shopify SEO services that will actually cater to your specific needs and not provide the same kind of cookie-cutter formulas.

Genius eCommerce® is a well-known veteran eCommerce SEO agency that specializes in Shopify SEO campaigns. They understand the difficulties of driving sales in eCommerce and know how to put together strategies that will address your specific issues as a business. For Shopify businesses that are finding it difficult to get sales, this is the team that you will want to speak with. They have assembled a team of professional SEO experts that know how to provide real solutions that get results.

Want more for your Shopify store than the same old? Contact Genius eCommerce® today and they will help you get down to business with creating a full-scale SEO campaign that will drive the kind of results you want.

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