Undertake A Trip To Singapore That Radiate Peace, And Excitement

Places To Visit In Singapore

Traveling solo comes with its set of challenges, excitement, frenzy, and questions. From knowing what things to pack to managing your accommodation and planning itinerary, everything requires deep thought. And trust me, I know these things because of my personal experience. Just before January had kicked in, I had planned a solo traveling trip to Singapore. Whether you are traveling with family or solo, Singapore is an ideal destination that will cater to different kinds of travelers. With that thing in my mind, I managed my booking with Eva Air. The airline has a strong reputation for providing a comfortable, and luxurious experience. While that might be comparable to other airlines, the one thing that deserves to be mentioned here is the convenient and flexible Eva Air Cancellation Policy.  Flying with Eva Air has been a time saver and money saver since the airline also offers affordable price tickets.

Finally, after considering my schedule, I booked my flight tickets that took no time. Since I was traveling solo, it was time to grab things from the store and plan an itinerary. I reached the airport on time and caught my flight to Singapore. A sense of shiver passed through my body since It was my first ever solo trip. Only God knew what laid ahead of me however, I tried to keep myself composed, and calm. 

Places To Visit In Singapore

After boarding the plane, it seemed that in just a blink of an eye, my destination had arrived. I had finally arrived in Singapore. The powerful blend of the modern world and the old world describes Singapore. Everywhere I saw, I could spot a flock of tourists applauding the beauty of Singapore. 

Undoubtedly, this trip to Singapore was a journey of self-discovering, learning the aspects of life. The country is a hub of cultural mix, rich history, natural wonders, and more. Immediately, I hurried to my hotel and decided to spend my day exploring the nearby places, and market. However, my itinerary included visiting and exploring these places:


  1. SEA Aquarium – Located on Santosa Island, SEA Aquarium is a wonderful place to spend time with your family, or friends. For those ìwho are traveling alone, you can have as much fun as them. SEA Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world which is home to more than thousands of aquatic animals. There is no dearth of entertainment when you take a trip to SEA Aquarium and it also imparts education and offers information from interactive display boards.


  1.  Universal Studio Theme Park

Undoubtedly, Singapore is blessed with immense nature and it shows after visiting the nocturnal national park and MacRitchie Reservoir. However, for the adventure junkies, Singapore has plenty of theme parks that are brimming with adventurous rides, attractions to leave you wonderstruck. If you have children accompanying you, there is nothing better than Universal Studio Theme Park to keep them entertained. It is a destination filled with fun and enjoyment.


  1. Garden By The Bay – Located at a distance of 30 km from my hotel, Garden By The Bay is one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit in Singapore. It won’t be wrong to say that this beautiful place is the major attraction of Singapore, the country takes pride in. For breathtaking views, and witnessing panoramic landscapes, head to the Garden By Bay. For those who are into nature, or seek tranquility, Garden By The Bay is a paradise for nature enthusiasts.


  1.  National Museum of Singapore – There is no way that one can miss visiting the Museums when they are in Singapore. Is there any better way to get to know about the culture, and tradition of a particular country than by visiting the museums that feature great collections, and incredible work? The National Museum of Singapore is one of the oldest and the largest museums in Singapore. The museum is divided into two galleries i.e Singapore Living Gallery and Singapore Historical Gallery that feature great works from the 14th century to the present day. There is no way that I was going to miss that.

I had planned my itinerary for 5 days. However, I decided to take a few days off my work and decided to spend a few days there. I had booked my return flight already which I had to cancel later.  Eva Air Cancellation Policy 24 Hours offered me a full refund for canceling the flight ticket.

For those who are looking forward to planning a trip to Singapore and are in dilemma about choosing the airline, I would recommend EVA Air. Until and unless you are 100% sure of your trip, it makes sense to fly with an airline that offers easy cancellation. Eva Air Flight Cancellation Policy is so straightforward that I have ever seen. Catering to the needs of travelers, this airline’s policy comes in handy in case you have to make amendments to your plans.


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