7 Reasons to Know Why AWS is Best Over All Cloud Hosting Platforms

Best Over All Cloud Hosting Platforms

The concept of cloud computing is on the rise. When we compare different cloud hosting platforms, we know that AWS is emerging as the winner. AWS (Amazon Web Services) has become the leader in the market because it is enjoying almost 40 per cent of the market share. That’s why AWS has become the leader in the industry. To fulfil the digital needs of the users, it is offering lots of services. In these services, there come cloud-based hosting, virtual storage and lots of other services. When users use AWS, they will enjoy lots of benefits. Here, we will discuss the top 7 reasons that will be helpful to you to know why AWS is the best over other cloud hosting platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Services:

The users can enjoy the services of the AWS on both android and IOS devices. To provide the best mobile-friendly services to the users, they have introduced AWS Mobile Support. They have guided their developers that they should provide suitable features to the users through their app. The users can also get access to the AWS console developer. After getting access to the AWS console developer, they can easily connect with the development, testing and monitoring of the mobile applications. While using the mobile app, they can also enjoy lots of features like push notifications and content delivery etc. The AWS Mobile SDK feature is also helpful for the developers to get access to various web services. In these web services, there come DB S3 and Lamda etc.

AWS Databases:

AWS cloud hosting is also providing the databases for the developers. The developers can easily manage these databases. First, they can use the Relational Database. They can use this database for transactional purposes. Secondly, they can use the non-relational database. This kind of database is helpful for the scaling of internet applications. Thirdly, users can also get access to the data warehouse. The developers can use this database for analytics. Fourthly, AWS is also offering the In-Memory data store to the users. Sometimes, the developers have to manage real-time workloads and caching. It is the best database to perform these kinds of tasks. At last, the developers can also use the Graph Database. This is the best database for the management of the highly connected data.

Economical Storage:

The storage feature of the AWS cloud hosting is easy to use and economical for the users. Users can use this storage feature for individual purposes. They can also use this feature for collective purposes. When they will use it for collective purposes, they can easily meet the business requirements. For this reason, AWS is providing three different kinds of storage solutions. The first storage option of the AWS is the Amazon Glacier. This is the best solution for long term storage. The second storage option is Amazon EBS. If you are looking for the best storage option for persistent data storage, it is the best choice for you. At last, if you are looking for the storage option just for the analytics and data backup, Amazon Simple Storage Services is the best choice for you.


Some people think that they can setup their servers and storage units. When they try to setup their servers and storage units, they have to face lots of problems. First, they have to manage a large physical storage system to manage the data of their companies. Secondly, they have to spend enough money to provide the power supply to these systems. On the hand, if they use the services of AWS, they don’t need to worry about these problems. It means that they don’t require physical storage space and power supply expenditures. They can enjoy the best services of the AWS on the cloud.

Reliability and Security:

According to experts of a dissertation help firm, AWS cloud hosting is more secure than another cloud hosting. AWS has dozens of data centres across the world. They continuously monitor and maintain these data centres. They have managed and maintained these data centres effectively. In the case of any disaster, you will not have to face any kind of data loss problem. The data centres of AWS are quite hidden. It means that one can’t easily get access to these data centres. From the security point of view, they are providing only essential and basic access to the users. After storing your data on the AWS, you don’t need to worry about intrusions. Its reason is that Amazon can easily identify the potential risks to the data centres.


No doubt, it is the beginning of cloud computing. At the beginning of cloud computing, AWS has become the leader in the cloud hosting industry. Its reason is that it has shown enough growth in the field of cloud computing. It is operating almost 44 availability zones. These 44 availability zones are available in more than 16 geographic regions. They are also working on 14 more zones. In these zones, they are trying to work in 5 regions in China. Therefore, while using AWS services, you don’t need to think about your geographic location. Its reason is that AWS can easily cover all the geographic regions.

Scalability and Adaptability:

Due to cloud computing, Amazon is providing the best speed to the users. Along with enjoying its best speed, you can also enjoy the modifiable cost feature. It means that you can modify the cost of the services based on your usage and requirements. If you want to meet the computation needs for your small start-up, AWS is the best choice for you. It is offering all the tools to the users. By using these tools, users can easily build the best platforms for their businesses. It is also offering a low-cost migration service to the users. With the help of this low-cost migration service, the users can easily move from the existing system to the AWS. If you want to expand your business, you can also use its additional features. These are the reasons that are showing that AWS is leading the industry. That’s why you should use AWS cloud hosting rather than any other.

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