What Is Corporate SEO And How To Do It?

What Is Corporate SEO

There are various types of search engine optimization campaigns. Some people run lead conversion targeted SEO campaigns while some run SEO campaigns for more traffic. But what about corporate SEO? A few years ago there was no term mentioned such as corporate SEO. But why is it being used these days too much and what is corporate SEO and how to do it?

No matter if you are an SEO analyst or you are running an SEO agency for other companies. You must have to know about corporate SEO and how it works. Don’t worry if you don’t know about it. Because here we are to tell you more about corporate SEO and why it is being discussed a lot of times all over the internet. So without wasting any time let’s get started with corporate SEO services and how it works.

About Corporate SEO

If you already know about corporate SEO and you just want to learn how to do it. Suppose that you are an SEO analyst and you know corporate SEO and a few of your clients are asking for corporate SEO service. Now you just want to learn about it to provide people with the same service through your agency. So you can skip this about the corporate SEO section and jump to the next section which explains how to work upon corporate SEO. but if you don’t know about it then must read the below-mentioned information.

What Is Corporate SEO?

When a corporate or a big company runs an SEO strategy or campaign, it is known as corporate SEO. These search engine optimization campaigns are different from the small scale SEO campaigns that you run for small clients. Some people also call it enterprise SEO. No matter what you call it, the purpose is always the same. It is used to describe SEO strategies at a high level. If you are still not aware of corporate SEO then must check out the basic differences it has with regular SEO campaigns.

How It Is Different From Regular SEO?

Following are some of the common differences that we see in between corporate SEO and regular SEO. The overall purpose is always the same such as getting more conversions, lead generations, more traffic, etc. But the way of running a campaign is different.

Large Scale

Corporate SEO is always at a large scale as compared to the regular SEO campaigns. From the client’s budget to their requirements, everything is at a large scale.

Enterprises As Competitors

Competitors are not individuals in Corporate SEO. You will be fighting against the other enterprises.

Global Targeting

Most of the corporations availing corporate SEO are not targeting audiences from a particular location, they target the global audience.

Multiple Locations

You are not running a single location-targeted SEO campaign while working for a corporate SEO client.

Branded Content

You cannot rely on reposted or reproduced content while working in corporate SEO. You will need branded content that will be published as your original content.

Branded Keywords

General keywords are used in corporate SEO in a similar way an individual SEO campaign uses it. But here we always generate branded keywords for the corporate for which we are working for.

How To Do Corporate SEO?

Now the question is how to do corporate SEO. As we have already mentioned, we have the same goals we have in a corporate SEO as we have in an individual SEO campaign. But the way we work in corporate SEO campaigns is slightly different. So following are the steps with which you can do corporate SEO.

Get In-House SEO Team

The first step for you is to get an in-house SEO team to do corporate SEO. However, you can also hire an SEO agency to do corporate SEO. but the better thing is to get an in-house team. Getting an in-house team is important because you want everything customized.

Unique & Customized SEO Strategy

Customization is very important in a corporate SEO campaign. No matter if you are doing corporate SEO for an old corporation or you are doing it just for a newly launched enterprise-level company. When it comes to SEO strategy, you don’t have to buy any readymade strategy for corporate SEO. As we have mentioned that you have an in-house SEO team you have to utilize that team to get a unique SEO strategy developed for you.

More Focus On Original Content

You need everything original in a corporate SEO. You are not doing SEO for a website only. You are doing it for the whole enterprise and that is why you need a lot of content. And most importantly you need created content for you.

Encourage People To Search For Brand

In individual SEO campaigns, you focus on the already existing search terms. But here you have to encourage people to search for your brand. We call such search terms as branded keywords. You have to use them for branding awareness along with more organic traffic.

Authenticity Is Important

Running an SEO campaign for a corporation is not that easy. You must look authentic in front of your audience. It is not personal branding. Here you are working for a big enterprise. That is why authenticity is more important.

Social Media Optimization Is Surplus

We know that corporate SEO doesn’t consist of social media optimization. You may think that it is a separate task to be accomplished by a separate team. But your in-house SEO team must be aware of social media optimization. You should use social media platforms to get more traffic and to support your corporate SEO campaign.

You can find that SEO is always the same, no matter if you are doing it for an individual or a corporation. But the scale of work is always different. You are targeting location-based audience in individual SEO but in a corporate SEO campaign, you are targeting the global audience. So things are a little bit different here when we are doing corporate SEO. But you can do it easily without any issue. Above mentioned steps are enough to get corporate SEO done.

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