Latest Web Design Trends that Work in 2021

Web Design Trends

A good website is always a critical investment for your business. It is the first step in introducing your customer to who you are and establishing credibility. It can also act as your 24-hour storefront. Even when you are not available, your website is up and running and ready to provide content to users.

It also provides you the ability to access an audience across the globe. Opening up opportunities that you might not otherwise come across. You can speak directly to your audience through your website and have the freedom to present content the way you want.

This is why good website design matters. You want to keep users engaged, and coming back. The more time they spend on your website, the better your ranking in the search results becomes. The features that work are always changing. Let’s take a look at ways you can follow modern website design trends to help create the best possible user experience.

Using Media:

Creative imagery can really help set you apart from others. Many businesses are still using template-based design tools. They are great for the less technically skilled user and can build good-looking websites quickly.

The problem here is that the designs have become commonplace over time. People want to see something new and special! Considering opting for web design services. This gives you the opportunity to build something from the ground up that is truly unique. You can find a lot of freelance and professional designers who are ready to create custom visual content online. If you are a serious business, then you will want to consider moving away from cookie-cutter designs.

Studies actually show that users are more likely to remember content that is visual. Text-based content is great, but throwing in unique images and videos is what people will remember. This is a great way to keep viewers on your website, and looking at more pages. It will also be a more effective way of marketing.

Video content is addictive in nature. It is more difficult to create than imagery but is worth integrating. It doesn’t have to be much either. Short clips highlighting how to navigate your website, product offers, or fun facts work great. It will also increase how long users stay on your site if they are watching videos. An important aspect for better search engine ratings.

Multi-media inclusion is a big trend in web design right now. It draws in users and ranks better with SEO. If you are not using media effectively, then you are missing out big time. Just remember, you have to offer more than flashy images. Content is still king for websites. Providing a good mix of entertaining content supplemented by good imagery is the way to go.

Mobile Design:

Nearly all potential users have a smartphone on hand. That means more people are searching for websites on the go. If you lack good mobile integration you are really hurting yourself in a lot of ways.

Current Google SEO looks for websites that are mobile-friendly and responsive. If you don’t have a mobile format integrated by now you are facing major penalties in your search results. This is why it has become such a popular web design trend.

Also, creating the best user experience means allowing users to access your content by all means. If you don’t have mobile integration, you can’t blame people if they don’t stay on your website.

To create a good experience, you should have a design that adapts to the mobile format. Make sure the users can view everything on the size of a handheld device easily. Any menu options should automatically change to be accessible on mobile platforms.

This might be one of the biggest trends this year, so don’t fall behind.

Likewise, the market for apps has grown to reach every market and platform. For example, you may have noticed that when visiting the website Yelp on a mobile device, you will get a prompt. The prompt will encourage you to switch over to or download the Yelp app. Reddit also does a very similar thing.

This has become commonplace for many websites. Sometimes your website just doesn’t fit well on a mobile screen. As an alternative, the integration of apps into the website experience has become a trend. It gives you more freedom in how you present your content on mobile. An app doesn’t have to replace your website, but it can be a great source to have to complement mobile web design.

AI Interaction:

The development of AI technology has hit a point where it is becoming useful for a number of applications. This includes web design.

Many companies are integrating AI tech and customer support into their websites. This allows users to interact with an AI that is always available when a human operator is not around. It certainly is a huge convenience to the user and can save a lot on operating costs. You see AI that will automatically troubleshoot problems, guide you to the resources you need, and make recommendations accurately.

Some forms of AI are as simple as autofill features and recommendations. How does Facebook know what to recommend? Ever wonder how Gmail’s auto writing recommendations work? It all comes back to the power of AI technology.

AI is a big topic across the world and the impact it will have on web design and other industries will be significant. Make sure you are following this trend and consider integrating basic AI into your website today.

Simple, but Effective Design:

Part of new web design trends is that “less is more.” This sometimes applies to the principle of writing, negotiating, and more as well. Too much content and images are distracting and hard to navigate. Most people want to cut to the chase and see the stuff the matters.

There are two main reasons why minimalist design has taken over.

First, part of SEO is responsive to web pages and has quicker load times. Filling your website with too much content hurts users with slower internet speeds by making things difficult to load. A simple layout can go a long way in getting you better SEO results by removing the data traffic.

This can be a problem if you have a lot of videos or images that need to be incorporated. You can find compression tools online to help optimize the file size of your content. However, sometimes you just need to cut out the fluff and focus on the best things you have to offer.

Another thing to consider is color choice. Vibrant and attractive colors can go a long way in boosting appeal. It helps improve readability, tone, and positive association. Every color has its advantage in capturing specific feelings in the user. Consider carefully what you want your audience to associate your brand with.

It also matters in demographics. Different demographics will naturally respond better to certain color choices. A simple example is masculine and feminine associations. A website on men’s fitness and workout gear probably won’t look great in bright pink. Do your research and understand who the content is for. Then, tailor your web design around the right color choice.

Along with color choice, another popular trend is the use of “white space.” This does not have to be literal white space on the web page. It really refers to empty areas. You can choose any color for white space to complement your design.

The reason this is important is that a clear and simple design works best. That means no cluttered web pages. Keeping empty space will improve readability, and will allow you to focus the user on specific content. Spending some time strategically placing content and white space is the new norm for web design. Right now, it is one of the best ways to create the most welcoming website and optimal user experience.


We touched on this briefly by using media to stand out from template design. It is also important to mention that part of modern web design is taking risks and being bold. More than ever, website designers are willing to take unique approaches to design. Breaking from traditional aesthetics and trying something unconventional has paid off for a lot of companies and businesses.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Part of modern design trends is trying to do things that are not trendy at all. Use the ideas we highlighted here, but also experiment around with your design. Who knows, you might create the next trends in web design.


Some aspects of web design will always be effective. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the latest trend now then. Especially now, when SEO is so important, and the factors going into what makes good SEO web design is always changing.

Today more people are searching for content online than ever before. Especially when researching products and companies, almost all consumers are consulting online sources before making a decision. This is why you need to stay up to date on modern web design. It is so finely integrated into our lifestyles that you have no choice but to provide the best content online. 

If you look at what websites used to be in the past, you’ll see a clear trend for this year. Everything is shifting towards simple, clean, and user-friendly design. Keep this in mind when planning your next website. Follow the trends in this overview to stay up to date with what users what. And don’t forget to take advantage of web design services to build the best website possible for the modern-day.  

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