Understanding Domain Name Values

Domain name registration can be a little confusing. The struggle behind this isn’t actually is new as one might think, as before the popularity of the Internet, toll-free numbers were just as much of a battle to obtain, and in fact were quite a bit costlier in the long run. Cheap domain name registration is a coveted thing in the modern e-commerce world, and it can be a little confusing why a name can seem cheap in one instance, but suddenly seem so much expensive in another.

There are several factors to consider when looking for cheap domain name registration or cheap website builder and hosting, and some of them might actually surprise you a little bit. We’re going to approach this assuming that you’re not in the IT field yourself, and honestly, that’s okay. It’s not everyone’s job to understand this technology, and we can be pretty sure that IT people are glad for this, otherwise they’d be out of a job.

Let’s take a quick look at how these work, and why prices can be so confusing with them, and what to consider if you really want a cheap registration.

The first thing to consider is that when you look up a domain name with a registrar, you might see the same domain with wildly different prices depending on the extension. Obviously, a .com address is going to be quite a bit more expensive than something like, say, .org. Does this really matter? Well, there aren’t any lost stating that a corporation can have a .org extension, but it’s actually poor form. These used to actually mean something, though with all of the various extensions available now with gimmicky themes, this is diminishing. Originally, .com meant commerce, while .org meant organization, often used by nonprofit or other organizations. Go figure.

However, these are generally priced these days more based on their commercial appeal. A .com address just has more impact, where something like .biz or the like just doesn’t seem to have the same residence with potential leads and customers. This leads to them being far more expensive!

Another factor would be the behavior of trends online. If the name of your business or what your business provides is a hot commodity at the moment, popular on search engines and in social media, registrars will drive up the price of related keyword domains. While this is of noxious, it’s just how business works.

Another factor is how you go about registration. Believe it or not, while the initial price me look higher, registering a domain for a longer period of time is actually cheaper when you zoom into the same level of time unit as a shorter registration. You may see a one-year registration for $20, but a five year registration for $60, and of course, the one year registration looks cheaper. However, five years at yearly renewals would add up to $100, costing you an extra $40. These prices are merely examples, but you get the point.

Finally, you can save a lot of money by registering your domain name through your web host. You need both of these things, and most providers offer packages that make it a lot cheaper. Cheap domain name registration is best achieved by going with a solid host that also offers good deals on long-term registration. You’re going to ease him overhead either way, so shop smart like you would with anything else!

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