Your Last Checklist Before Your Dubai Website Design Begins

Website Design Begins

Mobile app development Dubai is a difficult task that requires careful planning and commitment. One cannot simply jump into this vertical and expect success. Website design is a challenging sector to start with and requires direction and precision to make it such that allows you users to engage more with your website and stay longer. In turn, it also offers you with benefits such as more users and better engagement which then increases the bounce rate of your site and this then results in better monetization. After all, with the digital world surging with mobile app development Dubai, you can only do so much more to make it better. Here is a must have checklist that you need to keep in mind in order to make sure your website design is flawless and as engaging as possible:

The contents of your website for mobile app development Dubai

  • Spelling and grammar and copywriting
  • Lists, headers, paragraphs and correct formatting
  • Details of company contract for mobile app development Dubai
  • Correct images in the right places
  • Videos are in the correct place and are working for all devices
  • Audio files are placed rightly and are working for mobile app development Dubai
  • You have rights to images and fonts have been properly licensed


The design

  • Make sure your page is compatible for all browsers
  • Make sure your website is compatible for all devices using mobile app development Dubai
  • Your websites CSS/HTML is properly functional and validated
  • Images and scripts are optimized
  • Favicon is rightly places
  • Paragraph styling is working correctly


Websites functionality

  • If you have forms they must be functional
  • Form data is emailed properly
  • Internal links are working properly
  • Social media sharing icons are functional
  • External links are functional for mobile app development Dubai
  • Feeds are functional and working properly
  • The logo of your company is linked to your homepage when redirected
  • Optimization of load time
  • Third party tool integrations are in place


The use of SEO

  • Unique page titles
  • Unique meta descriptions for mobile app development Dubai
  • Pages have the normal keywords
  • Metadata is properly in place for an RSS feed
  • Meta data is in place for sharing content on social media
  • Metadata spelling and grammar are correct
  • Proper tags have been added to the images


The websites analytics

  • The right analytics codes have been placed on the website
  • Relevant IP addresses have been removed for analytics tracking
  • The google webmaster and analytics accounts have been properly integrated
  • Goals and funnels are created in the analytics software


Backups and website security

  • Monitoring scripts are installed
  • Copy of the website has been made for backups
  • These copies are being made and updated regularly
  • Passwords and credentials are stored

So now that you have a complete checklist whats the wait for? The software development team at DXB apps is waiting to provide you with the best services in town. don’t wait around and start thinking about your world class website. For more assistance, visit or call at +971505041860.

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