Work On These Reasons To Get Rid Of Sleep Deprivation


Sleep-deprived? Do you also question yourself “am I a zombie?” the national institute of health gave an estimate that roughly 30% of the population has gotten to a point where all of them are complaining about being sleep deprived, and many of them are diagnosed with insomnia. 

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Followed the “early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise? Still didn’t work? Well, there are more reasons behind you being sleep deprived than just sleeping late. 

It is said that changes in habits can be miraculous. Indeed, Sleep aid softgels are available in the market these days which can also help in this treatment. As many of us are instructed to stay in our home due to COVID-19, you can get Sleep aid softgels in online stores as well. In addition to the same, CBD oil for sleep has a great effect on your sleeping schedule. 

Understand the real reason reasons so that you can work on them and change your track leading to being a total insomniac: 

  • Food intake:

Your sleep can be affected by what you eat. For extreme heartburn, spicy foods are to be blamed. Heavy meals make you uncomfortably full, which can lead to obesity over time, a well-known sleep apnea risk factor. Also, too much caffeine, even if you finish your morning coffee, could keep you wide awake. Did you know? “It takes six hours to rid your body of half the caffeine!”.

Solution? Eat dinner at least a few hours before bedtime, and keep it light for your meal. Along with alcohol and caffeine, avoid salty, fatty foods. Also before bed, don’t drink too much fluid. It can also interrupt your sleep, trying to continually get up to go to the bathroom.

  • No or lack of exercise: 

Exercise and sleep balance each other. Working out regularly will make you sleep better and, alternatively, if you get a lot of rest, you’re more willing to practice. 

Solution: If you can, exercise every day, preferably in the morning. It can have the reverse of the intended result of performing a high-energy aerobic workout too close to bedtime, leaving you too energized to sleep. However, before going to bed yoga would be quite helpful. Maybe it will also help you feel better.

  • Stress:

Sleeping while the weight of the day is pulling on you is difficult. It’s not easy to find a sense of calm before bed, particularly when you can’t disconnect from your day’s demands. 

Solution: Create time for wind-downs. Before bed, do a peaceful, soothing task that does not involve a computer. Chat, sew, or read an actual book to a friend or family member, not one on a backlit tablet computer. Only give yourself some quiet time, and don’t sleep on your bedside table with your mobile.

  • Pain: 

Different types of pain especially, aches of arthritis do not induce a restful sleeping pattern. Conversely, the suffering can be exacerbated by a lack of sleep. Researchers conclude that inflammatory mechanisms that intensify arthritis pain can be triggered by a lack of sleep. Bad sleep will also make the sensation of pain more sensitive to you.

Solution: A heating pad is suggested to be used on a daily basis. In addition to the same, take a bath before going to bed but make sure it’s warm water as it will help to treat the pain in your joints or muscles. It will place you in a more comfortable position when you sleep by lying against a body cushion.

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