Things That You Don’t Know About Human Hair Wigs

Things That You Don’t Know About Human Hair Wigs

Buying a wig is really frustrating and confusing. Especially when you are shopping for the first time. When you shop, you know about many new hair and terms related to wigs. Most of the wig shoppers have a common issue: they don’t know where to start? And here in this article, we have given some essential key points that will help you shop wigs confidently. 

Whether you want to wear a wig to change your look or just want to update your knowledge about wigs, read on, and learn all the latest and important things about human hair wigs.

Human or Natural VS Synthetic Hair

When you are using the term real human hair wig, it seems pretty straightforward. Isn’t it? You simply take hairs from the head of a human and make wigs out of it. Well, it’s not how it works. There are various treatments used to manufacture or change the looks and texture of the hair. Let’s start with some basics. Natural and real human hairs seem like the same thing. But not all real or natural hair are taken from humans. 

Many natural hair wigs, sourced from animals like the yak, whose hair structures are similar to human hair. In short, when you are shopping for a 100 percent real human hair wig, don’t forget to check the label. Buy those wigs that are described as human hair. Basically, human hairs are of 3 types, virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hairs. Let’s find the meaning of all these terms. 


  • Virgin Hair

These are those hair in which no perms, dyes, relaxers, and beaches are used to change the hair’s chemical structure in any way.


  • Remy Hairs

You can say this hair wig is the natural one. Remy’s hairs are directly taken from the head of the donor and tied together. They are tied immediately so that the hairs remain in their natural state. Remy’s hair is more long-lasting and durable with a natural look and fantastic shine. 


  • Non-Remy Hairs

These hairs are always treated chemically. Because the cuticles of these hairs are both down and up, and it takes lots of chemical treatments to re-arrange cuticles. The non-Remy hairs are best for those people who like changing their styles frequently. 

Selecting The Best Human Hair Wigs

Following are all those important things that you should consider when finding the best human hair wigs for you.


  • Non-Remy hair wig is easy to color and is available in a variety of color variants. Moreover, they are one of the cheapest options and ideal for those who love to try different looks.

  • Remy hair wig is durable and long-lasting, and its shiny textures make it a must-try thing. In most of the cases, they last more than one year. Remy hair wigs are heat-safe, and you can treat them like real hairs. 

  • Virgin Remy hair wigs are a premium product in the world of human hair wigs. Their quality is similar to the real hairs, and you can style them just like it. The amount you invest in these wigs is always a value for money deal.

Tips And Tricks

Whether you have curly human hair wigs or blonde human hair wigs, these tips will help you maintain your wigs’ quality.

  • Before wearing your wig, make sure to wash it properly using hair products. Human hair bob wigs are not supposed to be worn immediately after taking out of the box.
  • Avoid using hot water as it can damage the quality of your hair. Instead, use lukewarm water. 
  • Do not wear your human hair wig when you are swimming, sleeping, or showering.
  • Avoid brushing or combing the wig when it’s wet, as it can damage its shine and stitchings. 

Final Words

So these were some key points about human hair wigs that should know before engaging in any deal. We hope you find the best human hair wigs that you are looking for. 

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