Things you need to do when you appeal against rejected employment pass applications

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Getting rejected for the employment pass Singapore visa is not something uncommon. Actually, it is something that a foreigner must expect when they apply for it in order to work in Singapore. Since it is one of the professional work visas, one should expect the difficulty of getting approval for this. Furthermore, one must think about the competition for getting this employment visa. If you have been reading forums about the employment pass Singapore scheme, you will have an idea of how challenging it is. However, just because it is challenging, it doesn’t imply that you give up on getting this employment visa.

However, one must understand that getting rejected is not the end of your dream to be able to work in Singapore. That is because there is still a way to reverse this decision. In fact, the Ministry of Manpower allows rejected applicants to appeal. That is why if you got employment pass Singapore rejection, you should definitely appeal for it. However, if you want the Ministry of Manpower to turn their decision around, there are things that need to be done. That is why in this article, we will tackle the things that you need to do when you appeal against a rejected employment visa application.

#1 – Find out why you got rejected

The first thing that an employment pass Singapore candidate must do upon receiving his rejection feedback is to find out the cause behind it. There are many reasons why an E Pass application gets rejected. The most common reason is that the eligibility criteria of the applicant were not met. To be eligible for the E Pass, one must have a job offer in Singapore that promised them a salary of at least SG$4,500. Not meeting the qualifying salary will immediately result in the rejection of the employment visa application.

Another reason why the employment pass Singapore application might get rejected is because of the applicant. The applicant’s educational background and work experience must be lacking or not relevant to the job that he or she will get in Singapore. In this case, the Ministry of Manpower thinks that you are not fit for the job or the employer can get a similar or better candidate locally.

In some cases, the reason why the employment visa application got rejected is because of the sponsoring employer. The employer also plays an important role in the employment pass Singapore application. They have conditions that they need to meet in order to be allowed to sponsor a work visa. One of the conditions is that they must have the funds to pay for the salary of the foreign worker. If the Ministry of Manpower sees through the financial statement that the employer will not be able to consistently pay the salary, they will reject the application.

There are many reasons why an employment visa application gets rejected. To be able to succeed in the appeal, the applicant must be able to know the reason why he or she got rejected. Once the reason has been found out, the next step in the appeal process will be more manageable to do.

#2 – Fix the reason behind the rejection

After you find out the reason why your employment pass Singapore visa got rejected, the next step is to fix the issue. As mentioned in the last point, there are many reasons why an employment visa gets rejected. In fact, the cause of the rejection can be on the side of the applicant or the employer. To give you an insight on how to fix the issue and get approved for the E Pass appeal, here are a few suggestions.

If the reason is the applicant

If the applicant is the reason why the employment visa application got rejected, then the applicant is the one that needs to fix the issue. If the reason is because of the educational background of the applicant, it may be helpful that he or she pursue a higher degree or work locally to gain impressive work experience. If this is not possible, the E Pass applicant can apply for another work visa.

If the reason is the employer

If the case is that the salary offered didn’t meet the required salary of employment pass Singapore scheme, the solution is simple. The employer must raise the salary of the foreign applicant. If the reason is that the employer didn’t meet the conditions of the work visa, two things can be done. If the issue is something that can be fixed within three months, then the applicant should push through with that employer. If not, he or she should look for another employer that will get him or her eligible for the E Pass.

#3 – Submit the appeal

Once the cause of the employment visa application decline has been resolved, the employer can now submit an appeal. An appeal can be submitted within 3 months after they got the rejection. Upon submitting the appeal, they need to present proof that the cause of the rejection has been resolved. If not, the result will still end in a rejected employment pass Singapore application. Sending an appeal can be done through the EP Online portal. Usually, it will take at least three weeks for the appeal to be reviewed and evaluated.

#4 – Check the status of the appeal

Although three weeks seems like a long enough time to review, it can still take longer than that. There are many reasons why this may take longer than three weeks. One of them is because there are a lot of appeals to be reviewed and proof to verify. What you can do while waiting is to regularly check the EP Online for the employment visa appeal status. There is no need to send a follow-up email because it does not affect the appeal.

If you still got rejected…

Despite submitting an appeal and being able to provide new information and you still got rejected, then it’s time to take a different course of action. You should consider applying for the S Pass. This employment visa has a less stringent requirement compared to the employment pass Singapore visa. Thus, you are likely to get approved for this one should you fail to secure an E Pass.

If you get rejected for a work visa, you shouldn’t give up your aspirations to work in Singapore. That is because there is always a way to get around it and obtain an employment visa. If you got rejected on your first try, what you should do is seek assistance from a work pass expert. A good thing to do is hire a work visa company like Ren Ai Group.

This company provides services that aid foreigners and employers in the application process of the employment visa. They also help rejected foreign applicants to find a solution to the cause of their rejection and to succeed in the submission of the appeal. If you need a company like Ren Ai Group, head to their website and send a query from their contact page.

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