5 practices you’re doing wrong in making virtual house tours


Technology has transformed the world in many ways especially how we buy properties. In recent years, property buyers go online to research properties they can purchase. They go through listings to look at the images or videos and read the description. Once they have collected a few house prospects, they start contacting the owners or the property agents. However, with the emergence of 360 virtual tour technology, searching for house prospects have become more effective.

Nowadays, property buyers don’t need to schedule a house tour just so they can check whether they like the house or not. With the help of a 360 virtual tour, they can view the house virtually and figure out whether they like the house or not. They will only book a physical tour because they want to see the house in real life before closing on the deal. This means that they are already set on buying the property. That is why 3D virtual house tours are in-demand in the real estate industry.

There are plenty of properties that are now using 3D virtual house tours for their viewings. That is because potential buyers are able to explore the house virtually and can make the initial decision effectively.  However, this purpose is defeated if the 360 virtual tour is poorly done. If you are creating a virtual tour for a property for sale or rent, there are practices that you must avoid. In this article, we will cover the 5 practices you’re doing wrong in making 3D virtual house tours.

Malpractice #1 –  Not including the outside of the home

Capturing the interior of the property is important in a 360 virtual tour. However, if it is showing too much of the walls or the interior of the house, the buyer will feel isolated in the house. Furthermore, there are house buyers that want to see what the outside world of the house looks like since it is an important deciding factor for them. Thus, it is important that when you take pictures of the property, you ensure that there is an emphasis on the outdoor views of the house.

It is a must to capture the views from the outside so potential buyers can see what the streets look like from inside the property. This kind of image will add appeal and make the house feel more liveable even if you only saw it through 3D virtual house tours. Thus, when you take pictures of windows or walk-through windows, you must ensure that there are no obstructions. This is so you will be able to capture what is happening outside of the property.

Malpractice #2 – Overlooking key features of the home

In taking pictures inside the house, one might continuously focus on the striking features. They may capture the chandeliers in the living room, the counter table of the kitchen, and even the closet in the bedroom. However, these striking features are not the only things that buyers want to see in the 360 virtual tour.

Property buyers want to see the spaces, the distance of one piece of furniture to the other, and even how high the ceiling is. That is because they want to assess how much movement area will be given to them or whether they need to use smaller or bigger furniture for each room. These may seem not important at first, however, these elements add personality to a house and make the 3D virtual house tours more realistic. Thus, be sure to allot spaces when you arrange the house for a 360 virtual tour photo session.

Malpractice #3 – Not having consistent lighting

When taking photos for the 360 virtual tour, the lighting needs to be consistent. Otherwise, it will create a disorienting experience for the viewer. This will only irritate the viewer and will discourage them to appreciate the features of the house for sale. Thus, when you take pictures for the 3D virtual house tours, make sure that you were able to set the lightings properly.

Furthermore, proper lighting is important in 3D virtual house tours. That is because proper lighting can leave a huge effect on the overall feel of the home. Thus, not being consistent with the VR tour photos lighting will not serve the purpose of the virtual house tour. During the photo shoot, it is important to ensure that all rooms are lit properly. In another case, you can adjust the lighting of the photo through photo editing software.

Malpractice #4 – Viewers don’t have full control

One of the things that irritate 360 virtual tour viewers is that they do not have control over the video. This means that the virtual tour will run on auto-pilot similar to how a video works. The purpose of 3D virtual house tours is to serve as an alternative to physical viewing. If the viewer cannot control the tour, they won’t be able to linger in one space and fully experience it. This will result in the potential buyers losing interest in the property. Therefore, it is a must that you grant full control of the virtual tour to the viewers.

An excellent tip to give control to the viewers is by putting hotspots. These hotspots are clickable elements that allow users to transition smoothly to the next scene. It is also important that audio or sounds will only play if the viewers will click them. This is important aside from the ability to navigate and scroll around the scenes.

Malpractice #5 – Not checking for continuity of images

Continuity is a must in any type of 360 virtual tour. That is because the purpose of a VR tour is to create the same visual experience of a place. Without continuity of images, the virtual tour is distorted thus the experience is ruined. If the VR tour experience is not running smoothly, the viewer will not be able to judge the property accordingly. As a result, they may not buy or even consider that property.

To be able to prevent this, it is important for the VR tour photographer to make sure that there aren’t any moving objects in the camera’s frame. This is so there will be continuity and no blurry effects. This is vital when the photographer is taking pictures of the exterior of the house or the windows. Thus, the 3D virtual house tours will run smoothly as if the buyer is really taking a physical house tour.

Create a 360 virtual tour with us

If you avoid these malpractices in creating 3D virtual house tours, you will be able to have a VR tour that will bring a life-like illusion to your audience. Potential property buyers are able to make effective decisions and are able to see the house clearly as if they are physically there. Thus, it is a must that property owners, as well as their agents, are making use of 3D virtual house tours.

It is understandable that not all of us are 360 virtual tour creator experts. One may learn how to make a 360 virtual tour but it will take a lot of time. That is why it is recommended that you hire VR tour creators like Digital Solutions. They have affordable services that will give you top-quality 3D virtual house tours. Head to their website for more!

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