How the Global Education System is Changing for the Better

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We are all sitting on a huge sphere that is flying through space at very high speed and, like it or not, change is a constant. Chart humanity’s history and you will see a gradual increase in knowledge; until we get to the 1950s, then everything changed, we discovered airwaves and found out we could send data using zeros and ones. Millions of dollars were pumped into R&D and discoveries were astounding. Those who are old enough to remember the 1970s can understand the huge gap between then and now; in this short article, we take a look at how technology is helping us to create a better way to teach younger generations.

Online Education

Once can take a BA, MA and PhD without being in the same room as the tutors! Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a game changer – a system that allows audio and video data to be transmitted via the web. Platforms like Zoom and Skype use this technology to empower distance learning; children who live in remote regions can now access quality education thanks to the Internet, while young adults can get into further education with a study from home program.

Critical Thinking Skills

21st century living is high pressure stuff; you need to be able to think critically on the fly and solve problems yourself; how do you teach critical thinking? You don’t; what you do is put the learners in scenarios where they encounter problems and with a little guidance, they discover solutions and learn how to apply fixes. The teacher becomes a facilitator, waiting in the wings to advise when required; teachers need to be trained, as their natural tendency is to tell the students the best thing to do, which is not ideal. Better to guide the learner to discover the solution themselves. The way a top-rated international school in Thailand delivers the curriculum involves project-based learning, which puts the students firmly in the driving seat so to speak.

Climate Awareness

Young people need to be educated about the planet and how we need to take serious action; therefore, the environment should be on every school’s agenda; eco-friendly practices must be integrated into our lives, while global initiatives should be set up and managed. Click here to find out more about interactive education and how it benefits learners.

The Magic of the Internet

There are so many ways that the Internet has improved our lives, not least the fact that knowledge can be disseminated to all. Imagine those living in remote parts of South America and how their perception of the world has changed! We are in the process of covering the planet with low-orbit 5G satellites (thank you Elon Musk) which will bring us all together.  The Internet of Things is on the horizon and that will bring even more benefits to humanity, as we connect like never before.

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