Things to Remember While Targeting Global Audience with Blog Content

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As content writers, you will come across a client or job which requires you to create content for a global audience. Imagine you’re hired by Microsoft tomorrow to write content on its new Windows update. Since Windows is a product used by people around the world, you cannot afford to be too niche and narrow in your style. You have to write content for a global audience says Gaurav Heera.

This problem of writing content for a global audience is not new. In efforts to avoid competition and become localized to gain traction more easily, Digital marketing professionals and content writers have cocooned themselves from the opportunities a global audience presents.

Think of the most recognizable brands in your life. Chances are, atleast half of those brands have global reach and are not restricted by language and borders.

The emphasis on keeping the target audience in mind is something that is taught in all digital marketing institutes. Anyone who belongs to the field of marketing has to study the basics of analyzing the target audience. When applying the same principles to a global audience, writing blog content becomes more about inclusion and less about location specificity says Gaurav Heera.

In this article, we give writers some tips on how to write blog content while targeting a global audience.

Avoid Adding Images Which Contain Relevant Text

While writing blog content for a global audience, content writers have to realize that a lot of their readers would translate the content of the website from English to their native language. Most modern browsers have the capability of translating a webpage from one language to another.

If, in the content, there is an image or infographic which contains information relevant to the content, avoid using it. While your browser can translate text into another language, it cannot translate the text in the image as well. Having images that contain relevant information to your audience will alienate a large part of your global audience. So, avoid doing that says Gaurav Heera.

Make Sure Context and Intent of Content is On Point

Writing blog content for targeting a more global audience can be tedious if you write in a context and with the intent to satisfy a local audience.

This needs a more foundational change in the way you write. From giving examples within the content to understanding the intent of a reader who is trying to understand the content, a lot goes into making sure content written for a global audience fits the bill. Remember that a large part of your audience will be translating the content before reading it. Therefore, an example that makes sense in English may not be in line with another language says Gaurav Heera.

In short, try being as straightforward as possible.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, In this article, we give writers some tips on how to write blog content while targeting a global audience.

About the Author – Gaurav Heera is a Guru in the field of Digital marketing & currently working as a founder & corporate trainer for one of the top ten institutes in delhi called DelhiCourses.

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