Best Ecommerce Platform for NetSuite


Traditionally, the markets have attracted B2C companies as another channel to complement their online or physical stores, but now more B2B companies are finding value in the markets. Certain markets even serve B2B companies by allowing them to distribute products in a wholesale way that they could not before, and now maximizing the sales of your Suite Commerce apps and Marketplaces, it is possible with the optimization of your back-office with NetSuite.

Do you know its integration capabilities?

NetSuite Amazon Integration Connector: managing orders and inventory availability will be your main concerns. With NetSuite you can keep your Amazon Seller Central and NetSuite accounts in sync, optimizing productivity and improving your customers’ experience. NetSuite MercadoLibre Connector: It has been one of the most advanced integrations from NetSuite to MercadoLibre with full control of all functions from your NetSuite account. The ideal system to scale your operations in Mercadolibre.

Other marketplaces: eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc.

Discover the main symptoms that your SuiteCommerce business model has, and that can be improved with NetSuite: You are spending more money during high volume order days (Black Friday, Boxing Day, Cyber ​​Monday, etc.) due to your eCommerce infrastructure and back-office setup. You have a drop in orders due to lack of communication between the e-commerce platform and your back-office. Your team is struggling with inaccurate inventory counts causing backorders or mistakenly marking their items as “out of stock. You have multiple solutions or connectors from ERP to Marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify, etc.)

With NetSuite acting as a back-office you can:

Centralize the management of data and attributes of each product in all channels. Manage product attributes, including categorization, multi-currency pricing, promotion eligibility, languages, geography, and marketing content in a streamlined workflow. Deliver consistent product and brand data across all channels from a single source. With a single source of product information, content can be created once and distributed to each market.

Merchants simply create any image and product spec in NetSuite and then share it across multiple channels, including marketplaces. This single source of truth and saves merchants from the repetitive and time-consuming work of duplicating product items for each market that could also lead to errors. The connector you need is already enabled within the central NetSuite platform and will allow your eCommerce data to flow:

Stock levels are synchronized.

Common actions such as sales orders, customer information collected or updated, will happen in real time within the Suiteapp platform and back to the market channel the customer is making transactions.

The reports will be comprehensive, visual, and easy to analyze.

Get in touch with us, and one of our back-office specialists will help you find the best solution for your ecommerce and Marketplaces. In the era of commercial competitiveness, the integration of an ERP cloud with electronic commerce is one of the key and necessary pieces for those companies that seek to catch up with the application of information technology tools that will make them gain ground, climb the ladder and stand out from the others.

Be competitive. This is required by the globalization of the economy. And to achieve this, it is necessary to make use of electronic commerce and an ERP system in Mexico that helps us operate it and that provides the full range of tools necessary to do so, such as SuiteCommerce from NetSuite.

Currently, a large part of the ERP systems in Mexico work independently of the electronic commerce system even when the same company or business operates both. That is, there is no integration between these systems. Perhaps it is part of the ignorance, but according to the portal, its integration is one of the important issues for the development of the company.

NetSuite Suite Commerce is one of the external resource management systems of a business or company, which in addition to being a pioneer in this field and adding almost two decades of experience in the world of electronic commerce, is considered today one of the most complete solutions.

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