The Best Outdoor Playground Equipment And Metal Fabrication Company

Outdoor play is essential to children’s development. It allows them to use their muscles in new ways and explore their imagination. It also helps them focus and learn. Kidstuff Playsystems has been a pacesetter in the playground industry for decades. Their products meet the highest safety standards and are made to last.

Wonder Worx

Wonder Works uses cookies to connect your computer with information about you, your online activities and product purchases. This information is used to personalize and improve your experience on the Site. Back2BasicPlay promotes how children can learn to solve problems and develop social skills through play. Their products include loose parts that encourage child-directed free play. They also offer a range of playground equipment and accessories.

Xccent Play

Xccent Play offers Outdoor Playground Equipment for schools and parks. They have a wide range of products, including kinetically-activated musical and sensory play structures. They also offer interactive educational elements and climbing and balancing structures. Their unique features inspire children to imagine new playscapes. Their designs are visually stunning, and attract passers-by. They also create jobs, both in the short and long term.

Everlast Climbing Industries

Everlast Climbing Industries manufactures climbing walls and related products that engage youth in physical activity to simultaneously develop social-emotional, cognitive, and physical skills. The company offers traverse climbing wall panels, mats, hand holds, safety features, and curriculum to allow participants of varying abilities to achieve success. Everlast Climbing Industries is included in 1 Expert Collection. Get complete access to their full profile, including contact information, investor data, and more.

Exploration Playgrounds

Modern playgrounds address children’s physical and mental engagement by providing a range of experiences that inspire organic play. BPS offers independent play components that allow kids of all ages to explore their creativity and movement independently. From dinosaur rib climbers to a Focal Sensory Wall, these independent play elements can give your playground a fresh new look. Learn more about these unique play structures today!

Henderson Recreation Equipment

Henderson Recreation Equipment provides children’s outdoor playground equipment that fosters learning and physical development. Their products include a Spelling Panel and Half Math Panel that encourage academic play and help kids stay engaged. They also have a variety of fun slides, including smaller double slides and mirrored turn slides. PDPlay designs natural playgrounds that incorporate sand, water, grassy hills, dirt trails, plant mazes, reading amphitheaters and more. They offer a range of swings, climbing walls and other freestanding elements.

Holgate Toys

Holgate Toys is an American manufacturer of children’s wood toys. Their products include stacking, sorting and pull toys as well as toddler furniture. They also offer a wide selection of wooden educational games. They offer complete play systems, play events, freestanding equipment, site amenities, and safety surfacing. They also provide design services and maintenance. Their playground equipment is available in plastic coating to reduce the need for costly re-painting.

Notts Sport

Notts Sport provides an extensive client portfolio including sports clubs at regional and national levels, local authorities and schools. Their expertise, experience and dedication are evident throughout their work. Their innovative ECB approved NottsBase D System NGU is topped with durable NottsSward artificial turf carpet. This is available in 15 shades and can be marked to accommodate a variety of different sports.

Ohio Art Company

Ohio Art Company, a 108-year old toy and Metal Fabrication Company headquartered in Bryan, Ohio, has two major lines of business. Their thriving toy division is well known for the Etch A Sketch, and their metal lithography business produces coated plate used in food packaging. During the Great Depression Ohio Art Company diversified cautiously by purchasing several other companies hobbled by that economic collapse. They acquired the Mutual Novelty Manufacturing Company, maker of artificial icicles for decorating Christmas trees, and the Veelo Manufacturing Company, producer of dolls and stuffed animals.

The Chimes Company

The Chimes Company provides indoor and outdoor recreational musical instruments to a variety of customers, including schools, nature parks, and rehabilitation and therapy centers. Their note accurate instruments extend the benefits of music to people of all ages and abilities. Keep an eye on the hiring trends at Chimes using 6sense. Use our free Chrome extension to track how many people the company has hired recently and which sectors they are growing in.

Themed Recreation Company

Providing top quality park, athletic and commercial playground equipment for Idaho, Utah and Nevada. Products include Landscape Structures’ AdventureScapes rugged climbers that encourage kids’ natural climbing inclination and improve their motor skills, strength, coordination and balance. They also feature GameTime commercial playgrounds for all abilities and safety and maintenance-free metal sports equipment. Including basketball hoops, pickleball, tetherball, bleachers and custom metal art.

Last Word

NRG Builders provides equipment that helps kids develop a love of exercise. They help schools, parks, communities, condo boards, and daycares build playgrounds that meet any budget or space. Imagination Playground offers loose parts designed by David Rockwell that encourage self-directed free play. They also provide mats, crates, wagons, and other storage options.

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