Facts About Firewood & Know Where To Buy Firewood Near You

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The roots of our history contain the significant role of firewood. From ancient times firewood play the pivotal role to cook the food. Firewood is the oldest cooking fuel that is in the form of branches and logs. Firewood is also called fuelwood.

 According to the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations; firewood is the raw & rough wood of trees and branches which is used as fuel for cooking, heating, or power production. They are two types of categories of wood fuel: hardwood & softwood.

In contrast to hardwood, softwood catches fire quickly and generate less heat as the content of carbon is low. Even the moisture content of fuelwood vary. The drier the firewood, the more it will produce heat and the less energy is used to evaporate the water. 

Know-How Fuelwood Burn and Use for Cooking?

It’s impossible to burn firewood directly. External heat is needed to burn firewood like kerosene, etc. for ignition. Once the temperature increases then the pyrolysis process starts and create combustion—this result in burning of fuelwood.

In rural areas, householders still make the use of firewood to do the cooking. The reason for using firewood in such areas is accessibility, affordability, and acceptability. Some parts of countries (especially under-developed or developing countries) are not able to get proper resources. The firewood is readily available to those regions. 

Moreover, it’s relatively affordable to them as it’s the cheapest energy source for cooking as well as heating. The people living in such regions are customary to eat food made with the help of fuelwood. So, they are more comfortable to use firewood.

Are you looking, “ wood logs for sale” for your night parties? Nowadays, firewood has become a fashion as people use it for bonfire parties or special occasions. While exploring adventurous trips, the bag is packed with firewood to make eatables. Firewood becomes the best source of heat on winters, as we love to sit around & enjoy the warmth. 

How Firewood Impact Health & Environment?

According to WHO guidelines, the excessive use of firewood by households can impact health due to high emissions like respiratory issues, heart disease, eye irritations, and lung cancer. There are specific parameters which one need to take care of. 

However, wood energy consumption is not the leading cause of deforestation at the global level in comparison to land clearing for farming. Use of charcoal is dangerous as it increases the chances of deforestation & degradation. Furthermore, firewood is now extracted from dead branches or trees outside of forests. The firewood has the potential to be a renewable resource, just require an efficient management & policy framework.

Best Types of Firewood

There are some popular types of firewood that are used for commercial & household purposes; have a look at them:

  1. Oak is thick & heavy, even burn for a long time.
  2. Birch is fast burning wood. 
  3. Ash catch fire quickly and also produce high heat.
  4. Cedar is quite famous for a good smell while burning.
  5. Larch is hardest from all softwoods and is pretty good for using stoves.

So, you have learned so much about firewood—even readily available online because of its demand for various purposes. Many people are searching for “firewood for sale near me”. There are some good online stores that sell different kinds of fuelwood. 

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