Sydney, Australia’s Greenest City

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Sydney is often regarded as Australia’s most beautiful and iconic city, but did you know it is also among the greenest? In fact, Sydney has been named the fourth greenest city in the world, boasting over 155 square metres of public green space available per person! Sydneysiders love their greenery and go to great lengths to make sure their city remains a lush garden for everyone to enjoy.

It’s not just the public spaces in Sydney that keep the green alive, the private sector has joined in as well, with office buildings and retail malls employing the services of professional plant hire in Sydney to create and maintain lovely green spaces for their employees and customers to enjoy! It’s plain to see how the “emerald city” got its nickname, Sydney is one of the most pleasant urban gardens in the world!

Let’s explore some of Sydney’s most beloved green spaces!

Centennial Park–  Often called the “people’s park” this huge urban oasis stretches across 467 acres just east of the Central Business District. The park contains a variety of gardens and wetlands, as well as sports fields. A large population of wildlife calls Centennial Park home, and the park is famed for its abundant bird life, with the Eastern Barn Owl and the common Willie Wagtail in residence. Stroll around the grassy hills and relax in the shady picnic areas, this is the perfect place for nature lovers!

Hyde Park – Not to be confused with the eponymous London Park, Hyde Park holds the distinction of being the oldest public parkland in all of Australia! Conveniently located right in the heart of Sydney’s Central Business District, this large urban park has plenty of open green space and shady spots to enjoy and is dotted by whimsical sculptures and artworks. The park is divided into two sections by Park Street, and both sides have fascinating features to recommend them! The southern half is home to the famed ANZAC Memorial building and its iconic reflecting pool. The northern half is where you can find the serene Nagoya Gardens and its traditional Japanese stone lanterns, a tranquil setting to be sure!

The Royal Botanic Garden – It doesn’t get much greener than this, constructed in 1816, this is Australia’s oldest botanic garden and scientific institution. The garden spans 66 acres along Sydney Harbour’s shores and is home to over 5,000 different plant species from all around the world, but maintains a focus on the unique flora native to Australia and the South Pacific. The fragrant Tropical Garden on the north side of the Macquarie Wall is the place to enjoy an incredible variety of exotic blossoms like Pink Bananas from India and New Guinea Dinner Plate Figs!

We only have space here to highlight a few of Sydney’s living green treasure troves, be sure to visit the city’s official tourism website to learn about more of the city’s many lovely parks and gardens! We hope you will be inspired to visit Sydney and enjoy all of our lovely green spaces for yourself, it is truly an emerald city where humans and nature coexist for the good of all!

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