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How to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox? complete guide.

macOS big Sur is the latest operating system by Apple for Mac machines. With this new OS, lots of people started to shift towards the Big Sur from Catalina. But how about those. who doesn’t have Mac PC? Can’t they install macOS big Sur on their PC? Well, the truth is that they can! With the rapid change and advancements in the world. Today everything has become possible. As so the installation of macOS big Sur on other PC.

Now, you can install macOS big Sur on non-mac machines too. But for that, you need to use Virtual machine software like Virtualbox. Therefore, today our main topic is on how to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox software. So, that you can run both host and guest OS simultaneously without any hassle.

So, set back, relax, and read on!

How to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox?

There are multiple steps, that you need to execute in order to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox. And for those, who don’t know about Virtualbox. Let me say that, It is a virtual machine software. Primarily builds for Virtualization of operating systems. This software enables your computer to run several operating systems at a time.

Download and install Virtualbox :

So, as you are gonna install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox. So, you need the software. Therefore, to download it, visit Virtualbox.org. And one the home page. YOu get a big button to download the latest version of Virtualbox. Moreover, VirtualBox is free and open-source software. And anyone can install and used it without paying a penny.

The download and installation of Virtualbox don’t need a guide. Because you can download and install it just like any regular software or games. After downloading the files. Just go to the download folder. And double tap on the Virtualbox file to start the installation. Once the installation completes. You can proceed to the next steps.

Download macOS big Sur ISO or DMG file:

The VirtualBox requires any of the two types of file format. An ISO file or DMG. So, as you are gonna install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox. So, you need the ISO or DMG file of macOS big Sur. These two files are available online from different websites free of cost.

You can also create an ISO file by yourself. You can download the DMG file from the Apple Store. And convert that to an ISO file. Moreover, if you don’t know, how to convert the DMG to ISO. Then you can get the complete procedure online. But we recommend you download the ISO file directly. Because it saves a lot of your time converting the DMG to ISO.

One more thing, you need to know, that the ISO file is a much bigger file of about 6GB. So, it is better to have a proper internet connection. So, that the download completes seamlessly. And the file doesn’t show any sort of error while installation.

Create a Virtual machine:                   

As you have download and installed the Virtualbox software. And also you have downloaded the ISO file. It is time to go towards the VirtualBox software. And create a virtual machine. The steps to of creation of a virtual machine aren’t much difficult.

  1. Just open up the Virtualbox software.
  2. Click on the create new Virtual machine.
  3. Now, name the Virtual machine. As you are creating this virtual machine for macOS big Sur. So, name the Virtual machine “macOS Big Sur”. And proceed.
  4. Now, it is time to partition the RAM and storage, etc. Firstly, you need to partition the RAM. We recommend you to divide the RAM equally among the bot operating systems. And continue.
  5. Then partition the amount of CPU for the guest OS. There again, we recommend you partition the CPU into two equal parts. So, that you don’t get problems running the two operating systems.
  6. Afterward, you need to partition the available storage. Here we recommend you select more storage for the host OS instead of guest OS. Because, you download and store your videos, music, and important files in the host OS. Therefore, you need more hard drive space there.
  7. Once you partition these three important components. You can proceed to the final step.

Install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox?

Now, you have reached the final step. In this step, you can install macOS big on Virtualbox. And you are good to go. The installation isn’t too complicated. If you have ever installed macOS on Mac computers. So, it is also similar to that procedure.

  1. Open the VirtualBox software.
  2. And double click on the created virtual machine. So, you are given the option to install it. And hit on install.
  3. Then select the ISO File, that you had downloaded earlier. And proceed.
  4. Now, the system initiates the installation. After this, you just need to follow up on the usual options.
  5. Like, selection of region, language, and date, etc. then type in the Apple ID and other credentials for iCloud and iTunes, etc.

So, whatever the system asks. Answer them one by one, until the installation starts. And finally, the system will start the installation of macOS Big Sur on Virtualbox automatically. and it may take about 15 minutes to complete the installation successfully. And once it concludes successfully. It ready to be used as guest OS. And it performs just like the same, That works on Mac computers.


You might think, the macOS Big Sur as guest OS may work inappropriately. But this is untrue. One the successful installation. You get all the features and specs of macOS big Sur. Which one use on Mac PC.

The only difference could be the speed of the different files. Because, you partition the RAM, hard disk, and CPUs. Therefore, before installation of two or more than two operating systems on one computer. remember to upgrade the RAM and storage.

Consequently, we would like to say that, this was the entire process to install macOS big Sur on Virtualbox. Though the process seems and is lengthy, but not complicated and difficult. Just as you need to download several things. It seems a long procedure.

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