2021 Killing Guideline to Build your Corporate Identity

2021 Killing Guideline to Build your Corporate Identity

You know how your business should work. And do you also know how it should work? Improve your business’s right face with a few simple principles for building corporate identity and setting up a visual style.

Have you just started your first company, or do you want to step more into your current business, and do you expect that from now on, it will be all about advertising? Then be careful not to make a very common mistake – advertising alone is not enough to succeed. To convince customers that you are serious about business and that it pays to come to you, you must first devote enough time to creating a thoughtful corporate identity.

Under the term corporate identity, imagine how your company is presented to the public, i.e., how you want your surroundings and customers to view on your brand. The corporate identity also includes the rules that apply within the company because a successful company must be perfectly tuned from the inside. For a corporate identity to be effective, it must establish and adhere to firm rules and presentation methods that will unite the company internally and externally to distinguish it from the competition.

How to built your brand identy?

Think carefully about the name of the company

The first thing that distinguishes every company in the eyes of customers is its very name. Therefore, choosing a suitable name is one of the most challenging tasks that await you when building a corporate identity. It should be interesting at first glance, to attract attention, and at the same time clearly identify you. For your business name to deserve to be well-chosen, it should follow these rules:

Be easy to remember, interesting and imaginative.

Distinguish you from the competition.

Relate to the field of your business.

People need to be able to pronounce and write it without any problems.

It must not duplicate with another pre-existing business name.


The story of your company

Do you have a business name and internet domain? You can start putting together the story of your business. Write down why you founded the company, what you promise from it. What you want to offer customers and why. What do you want to conquer the market with? Customers need to feel confident in your services from your story, identify with your philosophy. You can’t and don’t mistake customers. Otherwise, you will lose them before you get them. Your business’s story should include answers to three basic customer questions: What you offer, why they should buy it, and why from you. Then logically combine all these arguments into a single story that will dominate your website and all other communication channels. When preparing texts, do not be afraid to turn to professional copywriters who can save a lot of time, especially those who do not speak the word as surely as their business plan.

During the story’s preparation, it is also necessary to complete, establish, and start using your company’s internal rules and principles so that the story of the company and its real operation fit together nicely. Do not forget between internal documents or the preparation of the budget and business strategy, the so-called business plan. Their observance and set rules are a basic indicator of the company’s viability and sustainability and the key to the success and development of the company.

Logo: your visual company identity

Once you’ve created an original business name, secured a suitable domain, and are clear about your business plan, try to think about the logo. The imaginative logo plays a much bigger role than it might seem at first glance. When people like something, it is much easier for them to remember it and then remember or, at first glance, recognize it among the competition.

A successful logo also increases the credibility of your brand and website. You can also use it, for example, for signing in an email, presenting on the internet and social networks, for business cards, letterhead, promotional material.

If you decide to create the logo yourself and not put yourself in the hands of professional creatives, first try to be inspired by the competition, world-famous brands, and successful companies. It will help you come up with a quality concept, and at the same time, you will know what elements to exclude so that you are not confused with someone else. Pay attention to the right colors. Everything must go well – the ideal logo contains 1-2 colors, the maximum is 3. The logo must be as readable as possible in a small format, so avoid, for example, too decorative fonts and recombination of different styles, fonts, elements, and colors.

Online logo makers, which are free of charge in many cases, can also help you create a logo. Such services usually work with many partial elements, from which you can compose and fine-tune your own logo. For example, it is worth trying.

DesignEvo offers a wide variety of templates, and many are newly added, so these templates will not look updated. Editing the logo offers a lot of freedom of customization. It is possible, for example, to color parts of the icon with different colors. This flexibility has its advantage for you to manage your logo project in detail, so you get more fun and control on your task.

The best of best is that you can preview your logo looks when applying different promotion material before downloading your logo. The free package includes the download of a low-resolution version in PNG and JPG format. Besides, if you save your logo project on your DesignEvo account, then you can redesign it whenever you want.


You can read many professional articles, studies and books on creating a successful corporate identity and then spending many months preparing it. But keep an open view. The main thing you need is your own determination and “common sense.” Building a corporate identity will be a logical and natural complement to other activities that a business requires if you pursue your business dream.

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