8 Awesome iPhone Accessories You Never Knew Existed

iPhones are amongst the most powerful smartphones in the world. They are known for their performance, cameras, and data privacy. This is the reason they are loved by people worldwide. The premium flagship comes with a bionic chipset designed by Apple. It is a complete powerhouse of different gadgets such as game console, Professional camera, and much more. In simple words, the iPhone is best for playing games, photography, doing office work, and playing media. There are some unique accessories available for this unique smartphone. I mentioned 8 awesome iPhone accessories that you never knew existed in the market. These accessories are designed to solve most of the hindrances faced by iPhone users. Keep reading the blog post till the end to explore the best iPhone accessories available in the market.

Battery case

Apple is known for its innovative products that look premium and are productive as well. The battery case is the best example of innovation in mobile accessories. These cases are made of soft silicone material with a soft microfiber lining inside to protect an iPhone. Apple claims that this battery case extends the battery of an iPhone by 50%. Also, there is a camera button in the battery case for quick access to the camera app without unlocking the iPhone. You can charge a battery case with a lightning connector and with a QI certified charger as well.

Lightning dock

Lightning is one of the most useful iPhone accessories introduced by Apple. It helps in charging and synchronizing an iPhone with the help of a lightning pin. All you have to do is to place your iPhone upright on the lightning pin and connect it with a USB power adapter. The dock also features a 3.5 mm audio jack that allows you to listen to the audio while your iPhone is charging or synchronizing. From my point of view, it is a must-buy accessory for an iPhone user.


You maybe hear about power banks that hold a charge for emergencies. A PowerStation is a kind of power bank but it is better than that one. It is an all-rounder that charges iPhones, Apple watches, Air Pods, and other gadgets. A PowerStation comes with a massive battery of 8000 Mah and an in-built magnetic charger to charger your devices. It features an 18 Watts fast charging that can charge an iPhone in just one hour. A PowerStation is a complete solution for all the battery problems faced by iPhone users. So, I suggest you should purchase it for a better user experience.

30-watt power adapter

Fast charging adaptors are the most revolutionary iPhone accessories. Apple claims that iPhone series 11 and 12 both support fast charging. You will not get a fast charger in the box of both the iPhones. However, they support fast charging up to 33 watts that can charge them in one hour. If you are not satisfied witha regular charger, then must buy a 30-watt power adaptor. The company itself manufactures these chargers for the convenience of its customers.Make sure you are purchasing an original charger manufactured by Apple.

2 in 1 splitter

As we know, iPhones come with an 8-pin lightning port to charge and connect earphones. The lightning port charges the phone efficiently but has various drawbacks as well. You cannot connect the charger and headphones with an iPhone at the same time. Here the 2 in 1 splitter come into play. It allows you to connect multiple devices with your iPhone. 2 in 1 splitter features two 8 pin lightning ports on one side and a lightning pin at another side. These accessories are compact and are portable to carry outside.

USB 3.0 Flash drive

A USB flash drive is the best solution to data storage and backup problems in an iPhone. You access data files, media files, and much more using a flash drive. It features the latest USB 3.0 technology to transfer data. USB 3.0 is much efficient and fast than its previous versions. Also, it gives extra storage to your iPhone to store data. This flash drive is specially designed for iPhones and iPads as it comes with a lightning pin that is compatible with Apple devices only. It is a must-buy accessory for an iPhone user to store his files and access them whenever he needs it.

Air Pods Pro

Well, I don’t think apple air pods need an explanation to an iPhone user. These are the most beloved iPhone accessories. Apple recently launched its Air Pods Pro with many impressive features. Apple Air Pods Pro features both active and passive noise cancellation to deliver an immersive sound. Manufacturers have introduced a transparency mode that allows you to hear outside sound while the pods are in your ears. They are comfortable in fitting and adaptive EQ adjusts the music according to your ears. Apple introduced its H1 chip in these air pods for an excellent sound experience during gaming, calling, and media playback.

Home Pod

Apple considersits home pods as the ultimate sound authority of Apple Music. Home pods feature a high excursion woofer along with amplifiers for an immersive sound experience. You can access it from a long distance as it has a set of 6 microphone array. It can hear your voice from any corner and can play according to your demand using SIRI. Also, you can pair it with your stereo system. Home Pods can be controlled by the iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity and also understand your voice. So, you can use it in the way you like.


iPhones are one of the most beloved smartphones in the world. Manufacturers produced a variety of accessories,especially for the iPhones to fulfillthe demand of its users. Even though there are some iPhone accessories that you don’t know but they are available in the market. I mentioned 8 of them to enhance your purchase experience. From my point of view, all these accessories are useful for an iPhone user. I suggest you should purchase them according to your requirements.

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