Enhance your Gaming with PlayStation PS4 Accessories in 2021

Gaming accessories

Despite the release of PlayStation 5, you might have to wait a long time before you get your hands on the console. With that in mind, you shouldn’t have your current PS 4 slowly becoming useless and a disappointment altogether. The best PS 4 accessories can bring a new life into your console and enhance your gaming experience to a new level.

It can be frustrating to uninstall and re-download games again and again due to limited storage or plugin controllers to keep them charged, there are accessories you can invest in that will make your remaining PS 4 experience much more pleasant.

We have compiled a list of a bunch of great accessories for the PS 4, and if you are lucky some will work with PlayStation 5 too.

Wireless Controller 

With the advancing technology, customers expect devices to be wireless since they offer comfort in casual gaming. A wireless controller can be one of the greatest PlayStation accessories since you can roam around in your room and play your favorite game.

Moreover, wireless controllers have other advantages in terms of security and the ability to move across sub-network. Unlike a wired controller which allows very limited mobility when it comes to changing your location, a wireless controller allows you to move to any place you want, providing you stay in the range of the Bluetooth. Moreover, you eliminate the risk of falling by the wire of the controller.

Fast Charging Dual Stand for PS 4 Controller

Plugging controllers to charge them can be an overwhelming task considering how often they need to be charged. With this charging stand, users can charge two controllers at the same time with the help of the two extension ports. The ports offer flexibility and are magnetized to easily attach the controllers.

Furthermore, it comes with its own power socket and AC adapter so you don’t have to worry about it taking your console’s USB ports. Though this is one of the handiest PlayStation 4 accessories, the only drawback is that it can be a bit expensive. But the price tag is justified with the ease and comfort it delivers.

 Wireless Portable Mini Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse

Communication can be an essential element in gaming, especially in online multiplayer mode to win. Typing with the help of a controller can be a daunting task since you have to move the cursor around to select the alphabet.

A portable keyboard is one of the greatest PlayStation accessories you can get your hands on since it allows you to type easily and efficiently. Moreover, the touchpad mouse allows moving cursor with more sensitivity, which lets the users select options quickly without any delay.

LED Stereo Noise Reduction Gaming Headset

Every gamer knows that a top-quality headset gives you an upper hand in multiplayer and a better chance to react to enemies in combat gaming.

Why do you need a better headset? A better headset provides lightning-fast sound queues such as footsteps and gunfire, exactly what you need to react efficiently leaving your opponents in surprise. In addition, some gaming headset like this one offers surround sound. It creates a realistic experience that allows you to hear sounds from different angles. This not only improves your gaming experience but also helps to identify the location your enemies might be approaching from.

You would agree that there is nothing more annoying than getting disturbed by music from the radio, or noisy neighbors, or even people talking. Even if you try your best to tune these noises down, you end up getting distracted. Exactly why a headset with noise reduction is one of the most ideal ps4 accessories you should invest your money in.

Lastly, it is crucial to be in constant communication with your gaming buddies while playing a team-based game. This is the sole reason you need a headset with a mic allowing you to convey important messages and coordinate strategizes which can be a major difference between winning and losing.

Storage Hard drive

PlayStation 4 offers limited storage space and it can be a bit problematic since PS 4 games can take a lot of space. Uninstalling and re-downloading due to limited storage can be annoying and sometimes end up resulting in progress being lost.

An external storage hard drive can help you solve this issue. Not only can you upgrade your storage capacity, but buying a good quality hard drive can provide you a whole new level of speed. This will improve your gaming experience as well as improve the loading screen time by processing the data faster.

Extension Buttons Triggers and Protective Thumb Stick

Extra slack on your buttons does give you a better gaming experience!

Many gamers find it a bit challenging to rest their fingers on the grips which often leads to difficulty in engaging buttons. Extension button triggers can be a great solution to this problem. Trigger extenders are designed in such a way that provides a larger range of motion to your fingers. The finger positioning brought by the triggers can be advantageous since not only your fingers will be more relaxed, but also the less time needed to pull the trigger can be converted to a potentially key moment in winning a game.

Final Words

Gaming accessories can help gamers significantly improve their gaming experience and can be a deciding factor in a win and lose. The additional cost you invest to buy these accessories are justified with the whole new satisfactory performance they deliver. We recommend buying accessories which will work with other consoles too, in case you want to switch!

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