Best Ways To Watch NFL Games Online For Free

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Since I’m a huge fan of American Football, it’s great news that NFL is getting started again. But when I first tried to watch NFL games, it was hard for me to find the right way. So, I decided to help you know the best ways to watch NFL games live online for free.

First of all, the most common question I heard from first-timer is whether there is. Well, that’s what we are going to find out.

I hope you will learn the exact way to watch your favorite NFL matches live online for free if it exists or the right way to watch the game. Let’s begin.

06 Best Ways To Watch NFL Games Online For Free

It’s only one game, but the NFL’s summer drought will end Thursday night. Week one of the 2022-2023 NFL preseason begins with the Hall of Fame game in Canton, Ohio. The competition is celebrating its 60th year this year.

However, let’s move on to what we need to watch NFL live stream today. Yes, there are different methods you can use to watch NFL games, but most of them don’t have a free option. But here, you need to understand one thing that’s most important for you.

Some providers provide free streaming options for people who want to watch NFL tonight. But they are not totally free, actually. They ask for different information before you can start watching and show different personalized ads in the streaming videos.

And most importantly, some of them can steal valuable information from your device. So, be careful before using those free streaming services.

Our recommendation for you is that you can try different providers’ trial versions to find the right one for you. Perhaps here are the most popular 10 ways to watch NFL Games online for free.

Peacock TV

The first option I want to mention is Peacock TV which is an online TV that allows you to check their NFL live streaming service for free for 07 days. Yes, they offer a trial account for free for you. Of course, they also have paid packages of $5 or $10.

They also offer no additional cost if you are a subscriber of Sky or NOW TV in the following countries: the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is also providing a free one-week trial account for everyone. So, if you want to check their service for free, try them because they are one of the industry’s most popular NFL online live streaming providers. They also have a paid package of $65 per month.


YouTubeTV is also providing 02 weeks free trial period, and after that, you can easily buy their subscription from their packages. You should know that YouTubeTV is one of the world’s top entertainment, news, live sports live streaming service providers. Also, if you buy one of their packages, you will get unlimited DVR space.

Not only that, but once you buy their service, you get 06 accounts to share with your household members. Not only that, you can get options to get more Spanish content for an additional $14.99/mo. They offer a regular $64.99/mo but a discount of $54.99/mo for the first three months.

Sling TV

NFL fans will benefit most from Sling Blue or Sling Orange + Blue because Sling Orange only includes the ESPN networks. NBC, FOX, and the NFL Network are available with Sling Blue.

Additionally, you may upgrade your membership by adding new channels and add-ons. As an illustration, if you choose Sling Blue, NFL RedZone, a premium channel, will cost you an additional $10 per month, or Sling Orange + Blue, $15 per month.

For superfans who watch numerous teams on Sunday and need to stay up to speed on all the games, touchdowns, updates, and breaking news, NFL Redzone is ideal.


You can get all the games on CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN with DIRECTV STREAM. NFL Network and NFL RedZone subscriptions are not available through DIRECTV STREAM.

This implies that in addition to your regional Sunday afternoon games, you will also receive Football Night in America, Monday Night Football, and Thursday Night Football.

Only the Thursday Night Football games that are only available on NFL Network will not be available to you. In that case, we recommend you to use Fubo TV. In the next section, you will get the details of Fubo TV.

Fubo TV

You can watch every game on CBS, FOX, NBC, and NFL Network with fuboTV. This indicates that you will receive Football Night in America, your regional Sunday afternoon games, and Thursday Night Football.

Only Monday Night Football on ESPN will be absent from your viewing schedule. For $10.99 per month, fuboTV subscribers may add NFL RedZone. Once you sign up, you can watch local NFL games on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Fire TV, Chromecast, and all other supported devices.

Although fuboTV offers CBS, FOX, and NBC in some markets, it does not have local affiliates in all of them. The table below lists each NFL club and whether or not the bulk of their games are available on your local affiliate.


Now that you know all the best ways to watch NFL games live online for free for at least a couple of days. Yes, we have avoided all those shady streaming service providers to save you from being hacked. We don’t want anyone using our information losses their data and fall into the great trap.

However, NFL is not just a game for me. And it’s a feeling that I believe in and enjoy every second I spend watching the game. So, when I watch NFL, I don’t want to think anything else but to enjoy the game. So, anyone who needs to find the best ways to watch NFL games live online for free, follow my 06 different options and choose the one you prefer.

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