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The need for spying on android devices is emerging these days. The spying is done for many purposes. The most common application for android spy is associated with the parent-child and employer-employee relationship.

The parents of kids want to stay aware of all the whereabouts of the kids so that they can protect them from any issues, problems, and harm. On the other side, employers seek the android spy service to maintain the progress, confidentiality, and secrecy of the business from any potential threats, which can affect the business survival.

The service we are discussing is targeted at spying on android devices because a large proportion of smartphones account for android devices.

The parents seek the service because a large number of kids nowadays get affected by cyber criminals, the kids face offenses of harassment, cyber predating, sex offending, cyber bullying. These activities are increasing on kids because kids are soft target to achieve unlawful objectives; they can be blackmailed, offended, and harassed easily.

The said pattern thus forces the parents to incorporate a protocol and mechanism to track the activities of the kids over their cell phone, because in more than 90% of the cases, these activities take place through the cell phone of the kids.

Moreover, the kids sometimes involve in viewing inappropriate content that affects them morally and ethically and also affect their academic standing.

Additionally, the employers want to use android spy for enhanced protection of the business, a more pressing issue is cyber-attack on businesses that occur more frequently on businesses to steal data after breaching security protocol, this stolen information containing sensitive consumer data is then used to know the patterns and dynamics of specific domain and paradigms.

The stolen information is most frequently used for drawing consumer behaviour patterns for financial gains. The data breaches most frequently occurthrough android business devices due to careless behaviour of employees, a number of employees browse unsafe platforms and websites that do not uphold the minimum security protocols, ultimately making the business to suffer.

Besides this, another issue that employers face with respect to employees is thei productivity. The business progress vitally depends on the productivity of its workforce.

It is observed that a number of employees spend the working hours while browsing the internet, streaming music and videos, and connecting with their friends and family. This pattern can prove to be deadly for the business and must need to be addressed efficiently.

So, the best idea for parents and employers is to use an android spy app that can extensively record, track, and monitor all the activities of the target user. This can be done using android spy app, and the best service in this aspect is TheOneSpy, which upholds and addresses all the weak links in using of smartphone by employees and kids.

TheOneSpy provides other spying solutions as well, apart from spying on android devices. The app spies on Windows, Mac, and iPhone operating systems equally well and furnish unparalleled and unprecedented service to its customerbase.

Let us discuss the salient features of the spy app.

Salient features of the spy app:

Tracking all the online and offline activities through screen recording

All the online and offline activities of the employee and kid can be tracked and monitored using the screen recording feature of the app. Using this feature, the employer can know what the employee is actually doing at a certain point of time, and if the performing activity can be harmful to the business, the employer can take necessary actions to restrict the activity.

Same is the case for kids, if the kid is doing any inappropriate activity over the phone screen or if getting harassed by someone, the parent can take necessary measures to address the problem.

Blocking specific websites for a visit by employee and kid

The spy app allows blocking certain URLs to access from the target android device. This can be very handy in protecting the business from cyber attacks, as a list of websites is available that are prone to have the presence of cyber criminals and threats, so restricting those links, the business can make a safe flight.

The websites containing inappropriate content can also be blocked to access from the target android phone. This can protect the children from getting into moral and ethical dilemmas.

Location tracking using the spy app

The location tracking feature of the app generates a log of all the movements and locations visited by the target user. The end-user can pinpoint the location of employee or kid instantly at any point of time, without any hassle.

This adds to the security and safety of the target user as well. If the target user is not getting connected, the feature of the app can be used to identify the real-time location to make sure the safety of the target user.

Monitoring the internal storage of the target phone

The spy app allows tracking the entire internal storage of the target android device. All the images, videos, appointments, calendars, and contacts can be viewed from the end-user control panel at any point of time. If the end-user finds any inappropriate content, the same can be removed from the device instantly.

Spying on social networking apps

The social networking apps like Whatsapp, Line, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and Tumblr remain in full control of the end-user.

The end-user can view and stalk all the group and individual chats, can monitor all the multimedia shared, and can listen to voice notes exchanged. The VoIP and video calls exchanged through these apps can be listened to in real-time, and these calls can also be recorded for later reference.

Password identification through keylogger

The keylogger feature of the spy app allows identifyingthe password of all the installed apps of the android device. This allows the parent to extensively monitor all the activities on the installed social networking apps, as a number of cyber activities performing on kids find their traces in social networking apps.

Geo-fencing the movement of target user

The movement of the kid and employee can be restricted to certain premises with this service. The end-user can allocate allowed and forbidden zones to visit by the target user, the restricted place for kids can be casinos and places that are prone to criminal activities, while the employee can be restricted to visit competitor’s place.

Once the target user moves out of the allowed premises, the end-user gets notified through email, and necessary action can be taken.


The significance of using the android spy app for monitoring activities of employees and kids is discussed; monitoring their activities is vital for maintaining family and business interests.

The best app to do the job is TheOneSpy; the app can extensively track all the activities performing on the target android device. The features include but are not limited to the above-discussed features, more details can be explored by visiting

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