Best innovative HR practices in 2020

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It can’t be denied that the year 2020 has been one of the most unpredictable and demanding years for everyone around the globe. Coronavirus has made the human race put a comma on the busy life of each one of us. In spite of these crucial challenges the new normal has been established which provided a new vision to the HRM to function remotely and lay bricks to the path of success. Web based applications such as HRMS software have functioned as a roof to maintain productivity in these crucial times.

Let’s dive a little deeper to discuss few of the best innovative ideas introduced by the HRM in 2020:

Focus on health benefits

The year 2020 has witnessed a pandemic that has changed the priorities of the corporate world. A major concern during pandemic has taken a paradigm shift to the health of the employees. As the unannounced crisis the human race has faced due to the coronavirus has not only hampered the life cycle but hampered the mental health of the employees. A complete lockdown and isolation was bound to create home for stress and anxiety. In such critical scenarios the HR software assisted the HRM to keep a track on the mental health of the employee and plan activities to maintain a healthy environment.

Migration to cloud based software

With time the automation of HR related tasks has increased the efficiency of the human resource management. The transition from office to remote functioning of the employees increased the need to enhance the security for data. Technological advancements have assisted the IT team to ensure secure data space and grant specified access to the employees functioning from various locations all over the globe. Web based application provides centralized storage of data and a simplified platform creating a transparent platform for the administration to make unbiased decisions.

Artificial intelligence for recruitment

The pandemic has changed the functioning of the organization on a huge scale. The paradigm shift that is witnessed is of recruitment. The organizations have taken up the recruitment and onboarding to a different level with the assistance of technological advancements. The virtual onboarding process has proven to be a great relief for organizations who are in haunt of new form talent. It has allowed the HR to schedule interviews online and initiate new ideas to scale the eligibility of a candidate. The eligible candidate is provided with the credentials generated by the IT team to login to the advanced HR application and proceed with the onboarding procedure.


Communication has been the key for the organizations to function with the coronavirus as isolating ourselves was the only way to break the chain. The employees engagement in one secured communication platform has provided them a leverage to discuss valuable data and plan further activities enhancing the profits of the organization. Web based application assists the HR team to keep a track on the functioning of the employees. It allowed the employees to use HRMS software to log in and use a secured platform with minimized risk of data breach. The progress related to the projects assigned to them and track the performance of the employee.


A hard working employee deserves recognition. It has been a demanding task for the HR team to scale the employees as per their performance. Web based human resource applications have come up to their aid. It assists the administration to make unbiased decisions regarding the performance of an employee and award the deserving employee with rewards and promotions. The feature to store data on one centralized platform has created a transparent platform for employees to sew a bridge of trust between the employees and the administration. The employees can be assured of an unbiased decision as they have access to the required data to scale their own performance and be aware of the rewards they can claim.

Enhancement in the skills

New advanced applications require upgraded skills to perform for the betterment of the organization. Although web based applications have increased the need to enhance skills of the employees dealing with these web based applications. The HR team had to step into the shoes of the IT team to function during the pandemic. These crucial situations made it an imperative step for the administration to focus on enhancing the skills of the employees by providing them an opportunity to gain adequate knowledge about the technological aspects of the web based applications . These skill enhancement courses had a huge impact on the employees as it motivated them to function more efficiently by boosting the pill of enthusiasm.

Having all the benefits on one plate is bound to confuse anyone dealing with these technological changes. In Spite of all the confusion this innovations such as HRMS software developed by the tech-savvy generation has not only provided a roof during the crucial crisis bestowed on the human race but has aided many small and medium scale organizations to survive and thrive with enhanced opportunities.

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