A 2023 Complete Guide on Archivebate: A Better Online Experience


Archivebate was created by Alan Schaaf, whose objective was to preserve digital experiences and share them on social media. The app was created in the year 2012. As of today, Archivebate extends its services in 20 different languages. Thus, making it so much easier for people of different regions to use the app.

A Brief Introduction to Archivebate

Archivebate aims to enable users to take screenshots, save, and share them on social media. This will allow people to communicate more freely and help vivid sharing of their lives on digital platforms. Today, you can use the Archivebate app on multiple devices and it is compatible with both Android and iOS operating software.

The app can be downloaded without any cost and has a very user-friendly interface. You can take ample screenshots as pictures and share them across multiple social media spaces. From taking screenshots of IM conversations, and website pages, to digital posts, Archivebate enables you to do them all.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Archivebate?

The features and benefits of the Archivebate application are as follows:

Perseverance of Memories for a Lifetime

It is the digital album of your memories over a long period. With the help of Archivebate, you no longer have to worry about the perseverance of your age-old photos.

Ease of Sharing

Archivebate makes it easier to share your pictures, even over emails or FB messages. You will be able to share your memories across multiple digital platforms without any glitches. With just a click, the person can view it in your archive folder.

Flexibility to Upload

The app offers flexibility to the users while uploading their content.  While you are uploading content on the app you can either choose to store it in your web browser or Acrhivebate’s servers.

Data preservation

With the help of this app, you do not need to worry anymore about loss of data due to site shutdowns or any other mishap. Archivebate encryption and security features keep your photos and videos safe from any unforeseen circumstances. Even if the original website crashes your photos will still be secured with the help of Archivebate.

Password Protection

Archivebate extends the feature of password security and protection to keep your photos safe from misuse. Such that only you can view them and nobody else until they have your passkey.

User Friendliness

With the assistance of Archivebate, you can save anything you wish to! From photos, videos, and even texts, you can archive anything and everything.

Easy Scanning for Dates and Keywords

The ease of scanning for dates and keywords in your posts makes it easier for you to search for any specific picture. Hence, Archivebate makes everything searchable without the hassle of scrolling again continuously.

Free to Use

With so many features and benefits of the app, its free usage is the cherry on top of the cake.  Free access to such a utilitarian application will only help increase its use over time.

One Space to Lock All Memories

With the help of Archivebate, you can lock in all your memories under one roof. Your memories can be from Facebook, Instagram, any other social media platform, or any website content. Archivebate helps to put them all together in one app.

Public and Private Albums

One of the prominent advantages of using Archivebate is that it allows you to keep your private albums separated from the public albums. This is not restricted to just pictures,  you can also keep your videos separated from either of the albums as mentioned above.

What is the Working Process of Archivebate?

Archivebate is a free online service that uses innovation to help users save webpages, blogs, and articles. With the help of Archivebate, you can save files in multiple formats. Whether you choose to save your files in a PDF format or HTML format you can easily do them all.

The app has a different format for archiving pages depending on whether it is in PDF or HTML. If you choose to archive a page in a PDF format, Archivebate will capture only the textual section of the page.

On the other hand, if you choose to save the page in an HTML format, Archivebate will include all the components of the page. It includes any images, videos, texts, or any other component in the real estate of the page.

Archivebate with the help of keeping track of your browser history. The page you decide to archive stays live on the archive site for 12 hours. When you wish to access an archived page, all you have to do is click on the link in the search bar.

How Can You Use Archivebate?

Creation of custom Archives has never been easier! 

This is made possible with the help of Archivebate. You can use Archivebate to view your archives in two different ways, firstly you can either search them on the Internet or use the Archivebate app to find them. You may choose to share your archived collection of memories with other people or keep the access just to yourself.

There are two plans that you will come across while using Archivebate. The first plan is where you are given free access to IT services. The second plan is a VIP membership plan that unlocked a multitude of different surprising benefits and features. Some of the features of the VIP plan are storage for videos, photos, and private albums.


With so many benefits and ease of use features, Archivebate is indeed a growing application as a beneficial photo storage digital space. You can use it on Android devices,  iOS mobiles, Windows, as well as in MacOS. It makes its usage super convenient.

Compiling all these together makes Archivebate a great online space to use over a longer period. Its VIP features make the app a lot more interesting and unique. With so many lucrative features and benefits of Archivebate, it is no surprise that it is going to be one of the favourite apps among people across the world.

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