The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1: Storyline and Analysis

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is from the genre of South Korean comics and print-cartoon category. The story revolves around its main character, a young girl, named Cecylia Saryan, amidst her journey who becomes the only heir of the powerful Saryan family empire.

The first chapter of the story unravels Cecylia Sarhan’s journey of realising herself as the right heir to the throne. The following chapters showcase the dichotomy of Cecylia Saryan venturing and acknowledging herself as the Duke of the family.

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 is set in a time where the acknowledgement and recognition of women as right heir is questionable. The first chapter is just the beginning of Cecylia Sarhan’s fight to be the next rightful heir to the throne. How she traverses throughout this path is a wondrous story to witness.

The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1: Storyline and its Detailed Analysis

For your ease of understanding, we have divided The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 description into the following sections:

The Dark Turning Point: Death of the Duke, the Father

On hearing the news, she runs hastily across long dark corridors only to arrive at her Father’s chamber. His body lies among the staff surrounding him. As her father’s lifeless body lays on the floor Cecylia’s eyes fill with tears, rolling down her cheeks. The scene displays the unsaid fight between denial and acceptance of a father’s death of his daughter.

Her silent tears turn into cries of agony as she rushes to her father’s body. As she uncovers her father’s face it reminds her of the bright happy face that has sunken and lifeless now. Just like any daughter-father relationship, Cecylia remembers her sweet and sour days with her beloved father.

A Storm Stirring Realisation: Curse of Death

Amidst the deep sorrowful moment, Cecylia sees something very strange on her father’s face. She begins to suspect that her father did not die a natural death. According to her understanding, she begins to suspect that someone has put a curse on her father. Due to this curse, her father has died an untimely death.

Realising this, she begins to scream at the doctor, questioning him on her father’s reason for death. Her anger, pain, turmoil and sadness seem to echo in the room and the long corridors of the palace. In this turmoil, of screams, anguish, and maddening unhappiness, she falls unconscious on the floor. The tension rises at the peak this time in The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1.

Avenge the Father’s Death: A Promise to Self

Upon realising that her father did not die of any natural cause, Cecylia decides to embark on a quest. She begins to set foot on a journey to find the reason behind her father’s death. In the midst of all this, everyone near and dear to Cecylia suspected her to be the reason for the death of her father.

Besides that, no one near her found her capable of sitting on the throne and ruling the dynasty. As she walks by people and her immediate family, every eye seems to question her motives and abilities.

Cecylia instructs her butler, Gianton in organising a midnight funeral for her father. And, she makes a promise to herself to avenge her father’s untimely demise. At this point, Cecylia decides to take on a journey to find the reason and the person behind the Duke’s death.

An Uncommon Friendship: The Two Loyal Knights of Cecylia Saryan

It entails the support and kindness Cecylia receives from her two loyal knights. It describes the unique and interesting relationship between Cecylia and her Knights in shining armour, Sophie and Chris. Chris is seen to use humour and taunt Cecylia of her father’s death. On the other hand, Sophia keeps her inferior demeanour to Cecylia engaging with her in fun conversations.

In the middle of so much chaos and an uncertain future ahead, Cecylia finds herself in the comfort of her true friends. As the night goes on their room fills with giggles, laughter, and sounds of comfort.

Cecylia overhears the members of the castle worrying over being falsely accused of the late Duke’s death. Hearing this going on all around the castle, Cecylia starts to sketch a plan with knights, Sophia and Chris. However, Cecylia also seemingly starts worrying over another angle to her father’s death. She has always dreamed that this day would come, and now it’s here!

The Next Duke and Rightful Heir to the Throne: Emergence of Duke Cecylia Saryan

The thought of being the rightful heir and its acceptance, in reality, presents a very massive difference! At the time, Cecylia being a woman made it a very difficult task for her to successfully be on the throne. Moreover, the thought of a woman being as powerful as a man was seen as a very unparalleled thought to accept.

This is the stage where Cecylia came face–to–face with the harsh reality. She came to a point in her life where she needed to decide by herself and distinguish between right and wrong.

The story is of a time when the blood of women is seen as inferior to men. As such, she always insisted her father remarry for having a son, however, he never agreed to that. She remembers the way her father always gave her constant motivation to be the rightful heir to the throne. And that memory makes all the difference!

With high confidence and the light of strength sparking on her face, Cecylia declares herself as the next Duke of the throne.

Final Takeaway

The story of The Flower of Veneration Chapter 1 exceptionally displays the strength of a young woman. Cecylia showcases immense power and belief in making her way to her father’s throne as the rightful heir. It sets a stage to foresee how she carries her duties and responsibilities in a time when women meant so little compared to men.

It also remarkably entails a story of a young girl venturing on a path to take responsibility for an entire kingdom. Especially, when every eye suspects and questions her capabilities of sitting as a Duke on the throne.

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