Tumblr at War With Apple Over Mature Content on Its App Again

The iPhone-compatible iOS app

Users are flocking to Tumblr to anonymously post their experiences, but some tags are banned, effectively censoring these conversations. The bans are targeting tags like “stimming,” a common coping mechanism used by autistic people. Other banned tags include “depression,” “PTSD,” and “bipolar disorder.” A former Tumblr iOS engineer explains why such bans are necessary and offers patch-like solutions.

The company is now reviewing tags for the iOS app, but the iOS developers have not yet approved the app for release. Instead, they are working on a web-based toggle to allow users to opt-in to sensitive content in the iOS app. The rejection of sensitive content is no surprise, since many Tumblr users refer to the platform as a wasteland. The iOS version of Tumblr’s blog once was subtitled “hellsite” in the App Store.

Apple’s TOS

It’s unfortunate, but it’s inevitable. Apple has strict rules for the App Store, and Tumblr is following them. The changes are not going to help the users who are not mature enough to access them. If the changes are made, tumblr will need to comply with Apple’s TOS and remove the offending posts.

In response to Apple’s new standards, Tumblr is reviewing some tags in its iOS app that are not accessible to users. The company is working on a web-based switch for users to select sensitive content. The iOS app can’t be used by those who may be sexually explicit. The company is not alone in its frustration. The company once subtitled its iOS app as “hellsite (loving).”

iPhone-compatible iOS app

The iPhone-compatible iOS app is still not available. Tumblr has said it is working on a web toggle to allow users to read posts without being blocked. The controversial new policy is an outrage in the social media industry. It’s clear that the new policy is a mistake.

The company’s iOS app is also

The company’s iOS app is also in conflict with its own standards for mature content. For example, the company’s restrictions on tags for people with disabilities, including those related to autism, are a censorship on these conversations. The bans have a negative impact on user privacy. However, it is important to note that Apple is only trying to control the type of material people can access on Tumblr.

While the censorship policies are a good idea for users, it is still important to be aware of the legal ramifications. The removal of some tags has a negative impact on their users. The company will be unable to prevent people from sharing these stories in the future. Its users’ privacy is at risk. In addition to the restrictions on tags, the site is also removing their comments.

The Tumblr app

The ban on content on the Tumblr app has caused widespread anger among users. Many users have used Tumblr to anonymously discuss their experiences. But there are certain tags that can’t be read in the app and effectively censor the conversations. Some of the tags censored by the company are related to bipolar disorder, depression, and autistic people.

Tumblr’s new restrictions on the app aren’t the only changes that are happening to the site. Tumblr has to comply with Apple’s rules to remain in the AppStore. Its app has been suspended in the AppStore for months after a user complained about its inappropriate content. While this is a setback for users, the company is confident that it’ll keep its iOS app on the App Store.

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