Top 5 Netflix Shows That You Need To Watch Right Away

Netflix Shows

Watching the most recent shows on Netflix can truly fill your heart with joy, particularly when you’re not into perusing a book or anything. This post has recommendations for 5 of the hottest shows right now! All of them are popular and will leave you wanting more. From sci-fi to crime thrillers, these 5 will keep your mind engaged and captivated. The current streaming shows were chosen based on the average ratings. Take a look!

1. Better Call Saul

This show is probably one of the most popular on Netflix at the moment. With a rating of 8.4, we’d say this show is definitely worth watching! It’s about a man named Jimmy McGill who is a former lawyer down on his luck and turns to his brother-in-law for legal advice. Watch as Jimmy learns how to become Saul Goodman, a shady lawyer from Albuquerque who will do anything to make money! This show has already been renewed and the fans cannot wait for it!

2. Dead to Me

This show is a Netflix original that is also pretty popular. The plot revolves around two women who become friends after the loss of their husbands, who were also best friends. Watch as the two bond over the death of their husband and try to find out the truth behind their untimely deaths. The twist in this series will keep you hooked! As per The Next Hint’s report, dead to me season 3 is finished filming and will stream on Netflix soon!

3. Money Heist

This show is about a heist! Two men in their twenties who have been friends for 16 years plan and execute an intricate, seemingly impossible heist. But not everything goes to plan. A lot of action and suspense will keep you glued to the television screen, so don’t miss this one! This is one of the most popular Netflix shows right now. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

4. Lost in Space

Why you should watch it: This is a remake of the 80s classic series Lost in Space. The original series was pretty popular back then and now, in 2018, the makers of the new adaptation have decided to take on the story once again with a new background, perspective and cast. This is a must-watch for any sci-fi fans!

5. Big Bang Theory

Why you should watch it: With 12 seasons, this show is one of the most popular ones to ever come out. It’s about a group of geeky men including two physicists who are living in Pasadena. The show has won multiple awards for Best Comedy Series and has featured some of the biggest guest stars like Stephen Hawking! If you’re into funny shows, this one’s definitely a hit!


These are the top streaming shows according to Netflix. What’s your favourite one? Or do you think we missed out on something you’d like to let us know about? If so, please let us know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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