Unlock the Secret to Stronger Nails: Tips to Heal Brittle Nails

Tips to Heal Brittle Nails

Healthy and beautiful nails are taken as an indication that a person is well-groomed and takes good care of themselves. Brittle nails are however a source of inconvenience to many people. These nails may also break, peel off or chip; which may be not only unappealing but also quite challenging to deal with. For those of us with brittle nails, do not despair!!! Let us look at a few ways to unveil the mystery of strong nails in this blog.

Why do nails become brittle?

In most cases, nails tend to be fragile when they get too much moisture or dry out. In rare cases it can also stem from anaemia or thyroid problems. One more aspect of ageing is that the nails become fragile and it is easier for them to crack or break.

Tips to Heal Brittle Nails

Nourish from Within

The key to healthy nails starts with what you eat. Take in an adequate supply of nutrients such as biotin, iron, and zinc, which are crucial in ensuring proper nail health. Try adding foods like eggs, nuts, spinach and lean meats to your menu.

Stay Hydrated

Healthy nails also require proper hydration. Make sure that you drink sufficient quantities of water on a daily basis because dehydrated nails become more brittle.

Regular Manicures

It is advisable to visit a professional for regular manicures to maintain healthy-looking nails. They will cut, file, and tend to your nails right.

Trim and Shape Regularly

Nails should be trimmed and shaped on a regular basis in order to avoid them growing too long and resulting in the nails becoming brittle. File your nails perpendicularly to avoid tearing. Also, avoid biting your nails as much as possible.


Brittle nails usually result from drying. Use a decent nail and cuticle oil frequently to moisturise your nails


You may also try to take hair, skin and nail supplements that are good for nails when you’re not getting adequate essential nutrients for nails in dietary form. If you are looking for an Ayurvedic option with natural ingredients, then you must try Menoveda’s Asaya. An Ayurvedic formulation-based tablet, with natural and effective ingredients such as Neem, Guduchi, Shatavari, Abrak Bhasm, Guggul, Amla and more is the perfect solution for your nails as well as for your hair and skin problems!

Seek Professional Help

If your nails are extremely brittle and you’re not seeing improvement despite your efforts, consult a dermatologist. They can help identify any underlying issues and recommend appropriate treatments.

Brittle nails can be frustrating, but with a little care and attention, you can unlock the secret to stronger, healthier nails. Nourish your nails from the inside, protect them from harsh chemicals, and follow a gentle nail care routine. Do take Ayurvedic tablets for your nails as they are a source of excellent nutrition. Remember, patience is key, and with consistent effort, you can achieve the strong, beautiful nails you’ve always wanted. So, start implementing these tips today and watch your nails transform into a source of pride and confidence.

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