Ear Cuffs: A Trend Making a Strong Comeback

ear cuffs

Fashion has a constant spin with time. Each year things change, and new trends fall in while the existing ones take a backseat. In recent times ear cuffs have garnered tremendous popularity, and it is for all the right reasons. 

If you are someone who roots in fashion and accessories, here’s a little dose of styling for you. Find more about them, their types, and some amazing styling tips!

What Are They?

They are the perfect solution for people who are not great fans of getting piercings or piercings in general. If you feel the same way, they are the perfect accessory to try out the craze of earrings. 

The temporary element is what people love the most about this trend. Additionally, the super convenient fastening makes them easy to wear.

The shapes, designs and structure may vary as per your likings, but the features almost always remain the same. Find out more about the types and styling in the next segment. If you are still not convinced about trying one, read some more benefits.

Top Reasons for Comeback

Out of a sea of reasons, the top reasons include the following:

The Boom of 90s Trends

The increasing love for the 90s trends is the primary reason for the comeback of ear cuffs, among all other things. The trend initially surged in the early 90s and late 80s as the ramp walks saw a rise. Top models could be seen flaunting them, which is how the beautiful earpieces hit the road!

The Versatility of Design

Quite literally. The designs can range from the simplest shapes and sizes to the most intricate, complex ones. Furthermore, unlike earrings, the designs for these cuffs are updated and live up to the trend. 


If you are the one who cannot settle for the slightest of pains or someone with sensitive ears, you might hate earrings. They are painful as you have to get piercings. Furthermore, wearing earrings for long hours can cause terrible pain as sometimes they just suit the skin. 

In contrast, these cuffs for the ears are extremely comfortable and painless—no piercings or pain after wearing them for prolonged hours. 

Easy Fastening and Unmatched Comfort

The best part is that you won’t even have to insert them or screw them through your ears because you just have to put them on here – not to mention the comfort that the cuffs provide. 

Influencers and Celebrities

How can this not be a reason? Most trends these days are inspired by influencers and celebrities. Their looks are recreated by the fans globally. It goes without saying, celebrities partially stir new trends. 

Different Types

While there are many options, here are the two most popular ones. 

Cartilage Cuffs

The name is self-explanatory – they are worn in the ear cartilage. Cartilage cuffs give elegant looks and are comfortable for long-term wear, much like every other ear cuff. 

Conch Cuffs 

Conch cuffs are placed in the lower part of the cartilage. They are popularly known as wrap earrings as they encircle the ear. Furthermore, conch cuffs are the most popularly worn cuffs. 

These jewellery pieces are here to stay, and if you are planning to hop onto the trend, now is the time. Know your style, discover options, and who knows, you might fall in love with these beautiful pieces of jewellery!

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