Tips on Staying Warm During Winter

Tips on Staying Warm During Winter

Snow is incredibly beautiful. However, it can be painfully cold. For that reason, people love to crank the heat during the winter. Unfortunately, this can cause your electric bill to skyrocket. If you’d like to stay warm without breaking the bank, a few small changes can make it possible.

Affordable Winter Warming

  • Most Homes Spend More on Utilities in the Winter

  • You Can Reduce Your Winter Utility Bills

  • Saving Money on Utilities Makes the Holidays More Affordable

1. Winter Energy Consumption   

First, you must understand how your electric bill fluctuates with the seasons. Most of the time, the winter will be the most expensive part of the year.

Expect Your Bill to Go Up:
It would be better to prepare for a larger utility bill. That way, you aren’t caught by surprise.

Climate Control Consumes 50% of Your Electricity in the Winter:
Did you know that up to half of your total utility bill comes from heating? This is particularly notable when it is cold out.

People Stay Home More Often During the Winter:
Not only do people crank the heat, but they also stay home more often. Meaning, they are using more electricity overall. The more often you are home, the larger your utility bill will be.

2. Stay Warm This Winter Without Breaking the Bank  

Is there anything you can do about your massive utility bill? Luckily, there are plenty of options. If you want to reduce your PECO bill, here are several effective techniques. Don’t forget, utilizing multiple of these will further reduce your bill.

Turn Off the Heat When You Leave:
Perhaps, the easiest thing you can do is turn off the heat. Even though you want to be warm at home, there is no reason for you to leave the heat on all day. Instead, turn it off when you leave. Then, turn it back on once you get back.

Dress Warm Inside:
Staying warm is much easier if you dress for it. By putting on an extra layer of clothes, you can rely less on your climate control. That way, you consume less electricity.

Reduce the Temperature by a Few Degrees:
Turning the thermostat down just a few degrees can make a substantial difference. When you are home, turn on the heat. However, set the temperature a few degrees cooler than normal. By the end of the month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your utility bill.

Get Thermal Curtains and Windows:
Of course, insulation is vital. Without it, your home won’t retain heat. Meaning, your climate control will be running around the clock. Not only is that costly, but it is also preventable. By installing some additional insulation around your windows, your home will stay warmer. That way, you aren’t paying to heat the outdoors.

Add Some Extra Insulation to Your Attic:
Next, go up to the attic. If there is no insulation, you better add some. In fact, you should probably add some anyway. Each extra bit of insulation makes your home a little bit more efficient. Plus, insulation is a lot more affordable than months of massive utility bills. By insulating your attic, you reduce all of your future winter expenses.

Affordable Ways to Stay Warm This Winter  

Nobody likes to feel like they are freezing. Unfortunately, winter can make staying warm pretty difficult. It’s even more challenging if you want to keep your monthly bills as low as possible. Try implementing the techniques listed above. The more consistently you use them, the better the results will be. Eventually, it will all become second nature. Then, you won’t even have to worry about staying warm. You will be cozy enough already.

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