Karnataka’s Famous Travel Destination

Traveling is the most well known experience sport in Karnataka. For nature lovers this is the most ideal approach to find the normal magnificence of Karnataka. Starting from the southernmost pieces of the Sahyadri slopes in North Kanara to the Sholas of the Coorg, the whole locale is ideal for traveling in Karnataka. 

The various slopes and backwoods empower the explorers to go for journeying in Karnataka. Explorers will discover journeying trails in Coorg, Chikamagalur, Canara, Shimoga and Hassan. The mountain pinnacles of Kudremukh, Kumara Parvatha, Narasimha Parvatha, Kodachari and others help the travelers to enjoy their number one game. 

Karnataka gives heaven to travelers on the Western Ghats segment. There are a lot more places with various cascades, rough landscapes, public park saves along the Kaveri bowl, Bandipur and Nagarhole saves and so forth 

Agumbe – Narasimha Parvata 

Aagumbe gives the best nightfall landscape. This pinnacle is arranged in the South Kanara in Western Karnataka. It has a place with the Kudremukh National Park. Post for the Barkana falls and the View point offers us astonishing perspective on the Western Ghats. 

Jogigundi, a decent outdoors region, brings the perspective on the stream shaping a cascade. Peruse here to find out about traveling in Agumbe. 


Kudremukh Peak is 6,250 feet high, the slope is a short far up. On a sunny morning, the coastline of the Arabian ocean is noticeable to the unaided eye. There is a little cascade at the most elevated point which is super cold. In summer the pinnacle is shut. There are 13 traveling courses inside the recreation center. Peruse here to find out about Kudremukh. 

This top is 20 kms from Kudremukh state. The trip course takes us to Bhagavati backwoods check post, Village called Mala. Profound into the wilderness commonplace toward the Western Ghats. One will locate an old Receiver Station which is deserted. 

Watch out for wild buffaloes. Nature camp, Bhagavati, Hanuman Gundi, Kudremukh Sutanabbe falls are a portion of the milestones. 


300kms from Bangalore. 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit: End of September to Early March. 

Atmosphere: Sunny with showers 

Traveler Information: This entire region is inside the Kudremukh National Park so nobody is permitted to camp inside the National Park and should follow the rules of the specialists. 


From Nearest Town Kudremukh Colony 

Closest Hotel: Samse 

Bananthimari Betta 

It is only 3 km from Kanakapura on the Kanakapura-Ramanagara street. Situated among Konanadoddi and Kutnahalli. At the base of the slope there is a sanctuary named Bananthimari which means a mother who is nursing her child. 

From the Hillocks you can get a brief look at Ramadevara Betta, Kabbaldurga and furthermore Savandurga. 

Arriving: 75 Kms from Bangalore, 3 Kms from Kanakapura. 

Course: Bangalore – Kanakapura Road and deviation that prompts Ramanagaram. 

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Siddara Betta 

Arranged in Koratagere taluk, Siddara betta is around 97 kms from Bangalore. It is an ideal spot for traveling and cavern investigation. The rough piles of this spot have uncommon types of natural plants. It is said that numerous recluses used to perform contemplation in these caverns subsequently got the name Siddara Betta. 

Siddara Betta is loaded up with an assortment of vegetation. The characteristic spring on the hillock is known for therapeutic qualities. A wide assortment of restorative plants develop here. The outside air on these mountains are normal solution for respiratory issues, for example, asthma, bronchitis and so forth 

Numerous types of flying creatures are found here and it is a characteristic territory for the yellow-throated Bulbul. Peruse more about Siddara Betta here. 


75 kms from Bangalore on (NH4) Bangalore – Pune roadway to Koratagere and 18kms from that point to Siddara Betta. 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit: October to Early March. 


Closest eatery Koratagere Udupi Hotel 

Cell Services – Airtel, Cellone and Reliance 

Tadiandamol in Virajpet taluk in Coorg 

The pinnacle is the most noteworthy in Madikeri region adjoining Makutta woods. This is a one day journey. Bhagamandala, Madikeri, Abbey falls, Nagarahole are the tourist spots on this journey. 


250kms from Bangalore. 

30+kms from Virajpet town 

Best an ideal opportunity to visit: Early winter 

Atmosphere: Misty showers 

Traveler Information: Though the spot gloats of thick woods, alert on journeying courses. Be set up to experience leeches at the muddy soils. 


From Nearest Petrol Bunk: 20kms (Napoklu) 

Closest Medical Help: ~20kms (Kakkabe) 

Closest Hotel: ~50kms(Virajpet) 


56 Kms from Bengaluru, is one the slopes in the midst of the Nandi Hill ranges. The Nandi slopes range over the fields and are ideal for climbing. Channagiri slope is thickly covered with bushes. The journey begins from a sanctuary close to Sultanpet and the track goes behind the slope and finishes at the peak taking approximately 2.5 hours

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