7 Things Which Make Cardboard Boxes More Adorable

7 Things Which Make Cardboard Boxes More Adorable

Usually, a cardboard box is the preferential choice of marketers while packaging their valuable products. This is generally because it offers so many advantages in a single go. It keeps the items secured during shipping and saves huge sums of money for the companies. There is no doubt about the functionality of this box. But for an attractive shelf display, one needs to design it in a certain way. The beautifully designed packaging stands out and compels the consumers to make repeat purchases. If you are not aware of how the packaging can be made alluring, look out for the following ideas.

Get specific about your audience:

Before you start designing a Custom cardboard boxes, you need to get specific about your targeted audience. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who are the consumers for which you would be designing your packaging?
  • What do they like the most, or which kind of box are they looking for?
  • What design trends influence them when they go shopping?

Knowing these facts will enable you to design a perfect cardboard packaging that fulfills all the demands of the consumers. It is important to know the taste of the consumers, no matter which product you are designing a box. After knowing the targeted audience, focus on the functionality and practicality of cardboard packages.

Design for the sensual world:

If you want to make the cardboard packages look attractive and adorable, consider designing them, keeping in mind the sensual world. Humans have 5 senses:

  • Sight
  • Touch
  • Hearing
  • Taste
  • Smell

To ensure attractiveness, your design should be capable of influencing all these senses. Many a designer in the market focus only on the visibility of the cardboard packages. The impact of these boxes on other senses of the consumers is ignored. But if you want to make them make an alluring impact in the first-ever look, pay equal importance to other aspects as well. For instance, the way these packages sound while picking them up from the shelves has an influence on the consumers. If they sound rough or cheap, it will give a bad impression to the clients. Similarly, the scent of these boxes also matters. If they are smelly or stinky, no one will bother to pick them up from the shelves. 

Keep it minimal:

No other thing attracts the customers most than a minimal design. This is because the consumers have become used to overwhelming designs, and they no more want to see these designs. In this digital age, where everyone has access to modern technology, the visual elements are becoming more complex. This complexity is causing disinterest of the consumers in the products. The simple and appealing cardboard packaging design works best as it does not disturb the eyes of the viewers. But it captures the eyes from a long distance and compels those viewers to instantly purchase the inside product. The minimalist design makes the printed information clear and readable. This is one thing that satisfies consumers most. A well-thought-out minimalist design makes a great product statement and stands out from the crowd. Implement it on your cardboard packages to produce better results.

Patterns that match your style:

Select the patterns which look elegant and match your style to be unique. For instance, blots, splashes, or abstract patterns can be good to use. These playful patterns appear more eye-catchy and make the products look artsy and masterpiece. Some rigid lines can be used to make a pattern with an ingrained message or detailed information about the products. The stripe pattern can be an excellent option to use on your cardboard packages. This pattern consists of two or more than two strips of different colors. It instantly captures the heed of the consumers and is specifically used to highlight some important hazards about the product inside. The geometric pattern made in the form of some geometric shapes is also eye-catching.

Attractive color schemes:

The colors you select in the packaging design of the cardboard packages play a critical role in making the product adorable. Read out the color theory to select appropriate colors to arise certain emotions in the viewers. For a luxurious look, silver, golden or metallic colors work best. The red color is preferred for a confidant and bold look of the products. Do not rely on the colors you see on the screen while printing. This is because they appear slightly different than what your printer shows. What is looking elegant on the screen may not work best when printed on the packages. You can consult the Pantone Matching System book for accurate color selection as it the bible for printers. 

Alluring typography:

Attractive and correct typography is the need of the hour for an adorable look. Some important product details or brand message is usually printed on the cardboard packages. You cannot afford to look cheap with the printed stuff. The marketers need to be on the top of their game with the typography. Make sure the printed information is attractive by using some stylish fonts. Some of the best font styles for this purpose could be Sans-serif, Handwritten, Script, and Slab-serif. 

Induction of Die-cut:

Adding die-cut on the top or sides of the cardboard packages is a good option if you want to provide customers with a good look. It adds a different class to the products by offering a sneak peek inside. Any design of your choice can be printed on this window. Assisting clients with your design generates a sense of satisfaction in the consumer market. The windowed boxes have slots and tabs that can be locked unless the consumers open them. Also, the mesmerizing displays entice consumers most than anything.

To conclude, the cardboard box can be designed in an adorable way by following some basic tips. Keep the targeted audience and sensual world in your mind to be impactful. The minimal design, intricate patterns, and eye-catchy color schemes work best for the products to stand out.

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