The Diversification of Online Pharmacies to Benefit Patients

Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies are often seen as a safe alternative to conventional brick-and-mortar stores, but in many cases, they can offer more services than mail-order medication. The following pharmacy services demonstrate the ways that online pharmacy companies have diversified in recent years to provide additional value for patients:

Consumer Health Information

Many online pharmacies can act as an information resource for patients suffering from certain conditions. For example, online pharmacies may publish articles on their company website to educate consumers about how different medications treat specific medical conditions. These informational services may be free, while others could require a subscription fee. However, providing access to articles about how certain drugs work is a valuable service to customers, since consumers can research illnesses and treatments at their own convenience.

Pharmacy Management Software

The ability of online pharmacies to deliver medications has allowed for new business models that provide services such as inventory management and automated refilling. For example, several companies offer web-based software that allows pharmacists to track inventory and automate refilling prescriptions for patients. The software makes it easier to provide services and helps facilitate communication between pharmacies and suppliers, making it easier to track shipments of medications.

Online Drug Interaction Checker

Online pharmacies such as UBACARE Licensed Online Pharmacy allow consumer users to conduct a free drug interaction checker. This software is integrated into online drug stores so that when consumers are entering their prescriptions, they can also conduct a safety check to ensure that there will be no adverse interactions with any drugs that the consumer may be taking.

Prescription Delivery

This service of an online pharmacy allows customers to submit new prescriptions, renew existing ones, and even refill prescriptions that are already in progress. Most services require a prescription form to be submitted by the patient’s doctor, but some online pharmacies do not require a physician’s approval before beginning services for customers with previous prescriptions who are seeking to renew their medical treatment. Once approved, the drugs are shipped directly to the customer.

Specialty Pharmacy

Online pharmacies that specialize in the sale of specialty drugs can provide an alternative source for patients who may not be able to obtain their medications through traditional channels. For example, some smaller companies may offer services for patients with conditions such as rare blood disorders or cancer. These specialty pharmacy services can help facilitate support by providing supplements and counseling to patients already being treated by a primary care physician.

Counseling Services

Some online pharmacies also provide counseling services for customers to assist them with their drug regimens. These pharmacy services can help patients understand how different medications work, what side effects they may experience, and whether or not certain drugs conflict with other medications that the patient may be taking.

Drug-Assisted Therapy Programs

Patients struggling to stay compliant with their drug regimens can also benefit from pharmacies that offer specialized medication plans. For example, some online pharmacies facilitate support for patients on opioid replacement therapies (ORTs). These services can include counseling and recovery resources to help patients manage their drug-assisted therapy programs.

Consumers need to consider the advantages of using an online pharmacy when considering alternative treatment options, since these pharmacies offer valuable services and access to different drugs.

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