Step-By-Step Guide to Ensure Cleanliness of Your Invisalign Aligner

Are you about to undergo Invisalign treatment? That’s a good decision indeed! But do you know that during undergoing any orthodontic treatment you have to focus more on your dental health to ensure its consistent efficiency?

Therefore, it is now your responsibility to practise proper oral care regime while cleaning your aligner on a daily basis! If you don’t familiar how to do that go through this blog once it entails every details explicitly just for you!

Recommended daily oral care routine for best care

This segment will give you an explicit visualisation of your normal daily activities with Invisalign treatment. Let’s find out how it will be!

1. Cleaning both of the aligner and teeth as morning duty

As the full night time has to be spent by having aligner into your mouth the very first thing you should do after waking up is cleaning both of the teeth and aligner! You should regard the cleaning as your top priority in the morning for effective removal of bacterial accumulation.

Moreover, follow this step before going to bed respectively for proper health of your mouth and efficient result of this orthodontic treatment!

2. Aligner should be rinsed every time after removal

Every time you remove it from your mouth make sure that it has been rinsed to wash off dried saliva! Moreover, don’t leave the aligner into the open especially when it is not in use as it can cause accumulation of germs which will interfere with your dental health badly!

It is ideal to carry the case along to promote better oral hygiene and health in the long run. This doesn’t mean that rinsing can be performed by warm water! Hot water warps the plastic aligner leading to its deformation.

3. Brushing and flossing is a must prior to tray replacement

Although it is meant for removing only during having some food and drinks and oral care routine yet brushing and flossing is highly recommended before you pop it back into its place! By sticking to this tip, you can alleviate the probability of bacterial and plaque build-up in your mouth remarkably. So, there is no chance of dental problems and cavities development in the future.

4. Regularly soak the aligner in cleaning solution

Aligner cleaning is the best way to ensure its good condition till its validity! So, you can make use of denture cleaner or cleaning crystals for soaking the aligner in it!

Avoid using hot water and mouthwash in this instance as it can cause potential damage of the tray leading to interruption of your treatment. A spare toothbrush can be used for gentle scrubbing to eradicate the trapped food debris and plaque build-up as well.

Invisalign treatment
Dental tool with model in dental care concept.

Secrets of good condition of your Invisalign tray

Asides regular oral care routine, we also compile some effective suggestions to guarantee the exact care of the Invisalign aligner. Here they are!

1. Never keep the Invisalign tray in open air

If you ever leave the aligner in open it will be accumulated by bacteria and other germs making it a good source of unpleasant smell. As a result, you can fall ill too and hence safety is a must especially in this tough time. Even if you have left it in the open just soak and rinse it properly before wearing them again.

2. Always pop out the aligner prior to drink or eat anything

Excluding water, every time you are about open your mouth to stuff your stomach with something put off the aligner firstly! By doing so, you can protect the aligner from getting stained and bacterial build-up. This will diminish the chance of dental problems lately! Also, aligner is made from clear plastic and not meant to be used for biting and chewing!

3. Carry next aligner set during a tour

Don’t forget to place order for the next tray if you have a plan of a tour within a few days. Otherwise, you will get off track from the treatment progress and period!

So, it is better to receive the delivery on a prior notice at least before your departure! Also, you are suggested for keeping the aligner in your personal handbag or clutch as there is a high tendency of delayed or lost luggage!

4. Ignore the use of toothpaste for cleaning the aligner

Most orthodontic patients undergoing Invisalign treatment make a blunder by using toothpaste to clean the tray! It leads to significant discolouration and damage resulting in pale sheen of it! As a result, it can be easily observed while you put it into your mouth by the people. But this option is all about discretion and this mistake can make you pay off well for it!

5. Never soak or clean the aligner in warm water

Hot water is the culprit of Invisalign plastic aligner causing complete damage to it. Hence instead of using hot water, you can use plain or cool water for soaking the aligner into for its cleaning!

6. Don’t use scented and coloured soap to clean the Invisalign tray

A number of trial and error ways are there for making your Invisalign clean. However, it is always advised not to use scented and coloured soap as it leaves a residual strange taste and stain the aligner. This will make the aligner unfit for use especially for such long hours.

Key methods for keeping your Invisalign aligner clean

Cleanliness is the key to obtain desired outcome from Invisalign treatment. After following a number of methods and practises to ensure proper efficiency of the treatment, it’s time to clean your aligner! Do so by using any of the following processes:

1. Soap-Water solution

Mix a little amount of unscented and gentle liquid soap in lukewarm water and stir till the formation of suds! Dip and soak the aligner into it for about 30 minutes and rinse off it well after gentle brushing.

2. Vinegar-Water solution

Although numerous merits are there for vinegar and using as the tray cleaner is one of them! Mixing distilled white vinegar in water to soak the aligner is really effective! After about 20 minutes brush and rinse it well before putting it into the mouth. Thorough rinsing is highly recommended for avoiding residual taste of vinegar!

3. Water and Peroxide

Soak your aligner in the water and hydrogen peroxide for about half an hour! Rinse it well prior to pop it back into your mouth.

4. Water and Baking soda

You may need to add a little amount of elbow grease too! Make a consistent mixture of water and baking soda! Dip the tray into the mixture for an hour and brush it extensively for the complete removal of residual remains.

5. Retainer Cleaner

Various forms of quality and professional retainer cleaners are available in the markets. Choose any one from them (powder and tablet) to dissolve in water for cleaning the retainer. Although wipes are available as go-to cleaning option yet this is highly expensive! In contrary to that, DIY versions are quite affordable which target the embedded bacterial and plaque build-up.

So, when you need to straighten your teeth,book a consultation for Invisalign in London. They will provide essential advices on keeping the oral health good in this specific time period! Also, assure the proper cleaning of the Invisalign tray as well as it is also an integral part to obtain desired outcome soon.

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