Enrich your users’ soul by developing an On-demand massage service app

On-demand massage apps

Apps are a big boon in this digital world as it helps people to simplify and execute their daily tasks quickly. An On-demand massage app is a must for customers to maintain a perfect work-life balance in this fast-changing universe.

We already have many on-demand massage service apps in the market currently. The leading ones include Soothe, Zeel, Urban Massage, and Riwigo. Massage apps provide a lot of benefits like the relaxation of nervous systems, reduction in body pain, enhancement in the blood supply, better digestion, and fast recovery from injuries or accidents.

We are highly skilled in creating an Uber for Massage solution that consists of Android and iOS apps for the customers and the massage therapists, a web panel, and an admin dashboard.

The salient features of an App like Zeel


  • Flexible bookings – Users can book an exclusive massage for them anywhere at their homes, offices, and hotels according to their convenience. Both individual and group massages are available. Bookings can be done both on mobile apps and the website.
  • The availability of certified and trained massage therapists – All massage therapists are highly skilled and licensed. They are proven experts in pain management and stress management.
  • Different types of massages – The various types of massages that can be availed by the customers are Sports massage, Prenatal massage for pregnant women, Deep Tissue massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Chair massage, Percussive therapy, Sleep massage, Light Pressure massage, Deep Pressure massage, and Couples massage.
  • Choice of gender – Customers have full freedom to either opt for male or female massage therapists for getting their services.
  • Top-notch safety measures – All the massage therapists registered on the Zeel platform undergo thorough background checks and independent third-party verification. This prevents unnecessary risks and ensures a high level of trust for users. Therapists have to submit a list of personal documents and government-authorized IDs before getting onboarded on the platform.
  • Premium membership plans – Customized subscription plans are offered to the customers either on a monthly or yearly basis. This helps them to maintain a high level of health and wellness.
  • Personalized packages – Exclusive reservations can be made for getting facial therapies, aromatherapy body massage, body scrub, signature massage, Thai herbal compress massage, and candle massage.
  • Provision of gift cards – Existing users can share attractive gift cards to encourage the use of the on-demand massage app by their friends and family members.
  • 24×7 multilingual customer support – A dedicated technical support team proficient in numerous languages is available to deal with any issues via phone, Skype, chat, and email.
  • Access to an online store – Users can make their massage a memorable experience by purchasing the required equipment, skincare items, body care products, and apparel.
  • End-to-end compliance with HIPAA regulations – The guidelines of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act are strictly adhered to on the on-demand massage platform. It protects the health information of patients and prevents the occurrence of social discrimination.
  • Multi-currency support – Seamless conversion is ensured for the leading fiat and digital currencies at the best market rates.
  • Call masking option – The privacy of the customers is ensured as they can safeguard their identity while calling the massage therapist on the on-demand massage service app.
  • A blocking facility – Fraudulent or dubious massage therapists can be instantly blocked by communicating it to the Admin of the app.
  • Sharing of newsletters – Useful DIY massage tips will be sent to the users via email.


How to use an App like Soothe?


  • The user has to register on the platform – by submitting the required information. They can enter email addresses, phone numbers, or link their social media accounts.
  • Choose any specific massage service on the app after going through the various services, prices, ratings, experience, and location of the massage therapists.
  • Fix the date and time – of the massage booking.
  • Apply the promo code – in case they wish to get a discount on their bill amount.
  • Receive instant confirmation – about the booking through SMS or email.
  • In case the massage therapist happens to cancel the booking – a replacement will be assigned to the customer without any delay.
  • The user has complete freedom to cancel – his/her booking without paying any extra charges.
  • After the massage has been successfully completed – the customer can make the required payment online itself.
  • The user can rate the quality of the massage – along with the professionalism and behaviour of the massage therapist on a scale of 1-5 in the integrated feedback system.

The crucial role played by the massage therapist in the On-demand massage app


  • Upload the needed documents – and undergo detailed verification to offer their massage services to the customers.
  • Have the choice to accept or deny massage requests – of the users according to their convenience.
  • Define the service area by fixing a particular radius covering a region or a few areas.
  • Receive payments – like commission and bonuses by linking their personal bank account and digital wallet to the On-demand massage service app.
  • Handle queries and clarifications – with the customers directly through the in-built chat facility.

The admin’s rights and responsibilities in the Uber for Massage


  • Use the dashboard – to view all the current and future massage requests placed by the users on the app.
  • Approve the profile of new users – on the On-demand massage app after checking all their details.
  • Ensure timely distribution of payments – to the massage therapists.
  • Access the reports of the business – like monitoring the trends in the business like revenue, costs, profits, and cash flow. It also contains information about the number of bookings, cancelled bookings, number of users, and total massage therapists.
  • Add new massage services on the app – and expand the business operations to new cities and regions.
  • Manage the regular sharing of updates – like new promotional campaigns, discounts, and coupons to the customers.


Final Thoughts

The global demand for personalized On-demand massage apps is all set to increase to a whopping $488.9 billion in 2025. North America and Asia-Pacific markets will be the biggest revenue generators. Massage services will be more preferred as people prefer a more healthy lifestyle by maintaining a high level of physical and mental wellbeing.


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