Reasons Why You Should Attend the MAPS Conference 2021

MAPS Conference 2021

The functional and translational medicine conference, organized by the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS), will convene at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando, Florida, between the 11th and 13th of March, 2021. This intensive, three-day, pediatric CME conference will focus primarily on the subject of neuro developmental disorders in special needs children.

MAPS was founded by a group of medical professionals who were dedicated to the care of children with chronic and complex neuro developmental disorders. It, therefore, organizes biannual CME conferences to educate and help healthcare professionals provide better treatment for such special needs individuals. At a MAPS conference, the rapidly evolving body of scientific, evidence-based materials that supports the treatment of neuro developmental disorders is passed on to clinicians and healthcare professionals through an in-depth and systematic course of study.

MAPS Conference 2021

The Importance of CME

CME, also known as continuing medical education, is a form of annual training provided to medical professionals to enhance their skills and keep them abreast of the latest scientific and technological developments in their field. This helps doctors, nurses, and medical technicians provide better care to patients, thus improving treatment outcomes and helping patients return quickly to their previous lives.

CME conferences, such as the one being organized by MAPS, aim to help doctors learn about the latest best practices, new medical devices and technologies, and effective therapeutic techniques that they might not yet have been aware of. Changes in legislative policy that might affect clinicians and other healthcare professionals are also frequently discussed at these CME events, helping attendees understand the intricacies of government policy and navigate the legal requirements efficiently.

Another important reason why healthcare professionals choose to attend CME conferences and events is to earn the much-needed CME credits. Most states in the US have made it mandatory for physicians to earn a certain number of CME credits each year, to retain their medical license. Even in the states that do not have such a requirement, many hospitals and clinics make it mandatory for the doctors employed by them to earn some CME credits each year, to retain their jobs.

Reasons to Attend the MAPS Spring 2021 Conference

While attending CME conferences is important for pediatricians treating special needs children, it is not enough to simply attend any of the numerous events being organized around the country. Instead, pediatricians and other healthcare professionals need to do the requisite research before making a choice, to ensure that they can get the maximum value out of the CME conferences they attend.

One of the most popular and high-quality CME events in the field of pediatrics is organized twice every year by MAPS. Physicians from around the country attend these biannual conferences, because of the many benefits that they offer. Some of the factors that will set the 2021 MAPS conference apart from all the rest are as follows:

  • Training and Certification

Pediatricians and healthcare professionals who attend the 2021 Spring MAPS conference will get the opportunity to partake in cutting-edge ACM courses and hands-on workshops for skill enhancement. These courses and workshops will enable physicians to provide better care to their special needs patients, by training them in the proper use of the latest medical technology and gadgets. Those attending these workshops and courses will also be able to earn CME credits and certificates for doing so.

  • Mentoring

The MAPS pediatric CME conference is one of the most well-known events of its kind. It will, therefore, be attended by renowned thought leaders and industry veterans within the field of pediatric medicine. Keynote lectures will be delivered and plenary sessions will be headed by some of the most respected pediatricians in the country. Such esteemed faculty members will also be teaching courses and moderating panel discussions during the conference. Therefore, conference attendees will get the perfect opportunity to receive hands-on mentoring from some of the most successful practitioners in their field.

  • Practice Management

Clinicians attending the MAPS conference will receive training that will enable them to enhance the efficiency of their medical practice. The benefits provided by MAPS, in the day-to-day functioning of a pediatric clinic, will be highlighted during the conference, with the help of a series of case presentations and plenary sessions. Doctors, nurses, and healthcare practitioners of all stripes will learn how they can best use the resources provided by MAPS to improve their medical practice and better help their patients.

In Conclusion

Overall, the medical professionals who attend the MAPS conference in March 2021 will receive world-class education in the field of neurodevelopmental diseases and special needs children, for just three days.  By the time they return home, they will be better equipped to treat their patients with the help of the latest technologies and therapeutic techniques. As a result, they would not only be able to improve their practice and enhance their reputation, but also improve the lives of their patients as well as their families and caregivers.

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