Professional Way to Whiten Your Teeth

What causes our teeth to discolor

As we grow up our teeth tarnish, slowly it turns yellow. This can happen due to various reasons. Maybe for our lifestyle or the medicines we intake. This leads to embarrassment in front of people. Stain on teeth is actually not accepted. This is the reason these days people invest money in trying to get back the original color of the teeth. People staying in London are very conscious about it. This is the reason professional teeth whitening in Battersea is becoming famous to the common people. 

There must be various questions in your mind which you want to know before you undergo professional teeth whitening service. So please read this article, you will get your answers. 

What causes our teeth to discolor?

There are 2 types of discoloration and they are: –

  • Extrinsic Discoloration: this happens mainly due to drinking red wine, coffee, or tea and also smoking. Excessive smoking can also cause teeth to turn brownish in color. 
  • Intrinsic discoloration: this happens from inside the tooth due to aging, infection, medication, tooth trauma, or any childhood illness. 

How do professional teeth whitening work?

Before starting with the service, the dentist will explain the treatment and along with it, he will record the current shade of the patient’s teeth. Then the teeth will be polished with the help of modern medical equipment to remove debris and plaque from the surface. In the next step, the dentist applies a whitening solution that contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide on the surface of the teeth. Later as well many other whitening products are used with the help of light or laser to activate the peroxide. To get the best result the dentist suggests keeping the solution for 40 to 45 minutes. Then the teeth are rinsed and to reduce the sensitivity fluoride is applied. 

Advantages of this treatment are: –

  • Thorough whitening: many times, we buy products from the market which say it removes stains from teeth but it is not true. Sometimes it does but not completely or it just fades the colour away. This treatment will turn the teeth white and this is the guarantee of the treatment.
  • Quick result: once the treatment gets over, the patient can see the results immediately. Unlike market whitening products the professional teeth whitening will change the colour within an hour. The user does not need to wait for weeks to get the result. There is no side effect of this treatment and everyone is satisfied with the new look.
  • Bad breath: no one likes bad breath while the other person is speaking. After this treatment surely bad breath from the mouth will reduce a lot because the bacteria will not stay anymore inside the mouth. Homemade teeth whitening products do not guarantee that bad breath will stop or not. 
  • To look good, one must need to feel good. Our oral health pays a huge contribution towards our feel-good factor. If we see that our teeth have lost its white colour or it has got some marks on it no one will feel good. In fact, people suffering from this problem stop talking to others as they feel shy. If you think you are a victim then talk to your friends and find out teeth whitening near me dental clinics. For this service always go to the best dentist who will understand the problem and then start the treatment. 

Sometimes dentists check previous health issues or ask to do a few medical tests, just to understand the root cause of the problem. At Chatfield Dental Clinic we do have dental hygienists who tell the patient how to take care of the teeth after the treatment is over. The best option is to use the toothpaste the dentist suggests so that stains do not come back. Try to follow what the dentists say so that you do not face this problem anymore. 

Many times, teeth whitening issues have become a topic of discussion among kids. So, to prevent that take your child to the dentist as soon as possible. Teeth whitening solutions are not only for adults. Generally, children do not suffer from this problem but it can happen due to the medicines which the mother had during pregnancy. If a child is on steroids, he or she may get yellowish teeth. 

Brushing our teeth twice a day does not guarantee that our teeth will not turn yellow. We do not use toothpaste prescribed by the dentist but we use the one which we see on the internet or on the television. These kinds of toothpaste keep the teeth clean up to a certain percentage and not more than that. The bristles of the toothbrushes cannot enter the gaps between two teeth. If the teeth are on top of each other or overlapped then cleaning also becomes a problem. Hence the best solution is to go to the dentist when you find that the teeth are losing their original color. 

Professional teeth whitening in Battersea is very common these days. people of this area are conscious and they want to look good all the time. Mostly the young generation wants to avail this service. They want their teeth to shine all the time they talk or click a photograph. White teeth are an obsession for most girls. This procedure immediately takes off some years from your age if you do it from the best dental clinics. In fact, now boys also come to our clinic for these professional treatments. 

If you are staying in Battersea, London then you can search on the internet like“teeth whitening near me”you will see Chatfield Dental Centre will come on the top. We are in this field for a long time and we only have happy customers. We believe that our clients are our assets. We have the best dentists and dental hygienists at our clinic, who are really good at their job. Come and avail teeth whitening services from us. 

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