3 Guidelines to Help You Use Massage Guns in Australia

Massage Guns in Australia

Sports is one of the most dynamic industries in Australia. Research shows that increased physical activity levels can bring individuals a wide range of health benefits. 

If you’re an athlete or a heavy lifter, you know the challenges and difficulties that come your way in the form of injuries. Massage guns are gradually gaining widespread popularity among athletes and physical trainers who frequently experience muscle soreness. 

If you’re planning to buy the best massage gun in Australia, this article will provide you with   necessary details. 

What is a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are portable, handheld devices that look and work like a power drill machine. They’re wireless and are used for vibration therapy to ease muscle soreness. They come with rechargeable batteries and interchangeable attachments to suit your goals.

Once you give gun massager a try, by running it over your upper traps, calves, quads, or any other sore muscle group, you will instantly realise why they’re so popular. Massage guns can work over a group of muscles just within a few minutes by loosening tissues, increasing blood flow, and temporarily reducing pain and tightness

How do Massage Guns Work?

Research shows that massage guns can temporarily help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and improve short-term muscle length. People who work out often or are into heavy sports can experience muscle soreness for roughly 24-72 hours after an intense workout session. 

Massage guns use percussive therapy treatment. The attachments come with foam rollers that vibrate at a high frequency when the gun is turned on. 

They can be used whenever you’re looking to relieve some muscle tension. They provide temporary but instant relief and can instantly reduce the pain and soreness substantially. 

Based on research and results, percussive therapy is only effective in reducing muscle soreness and not increasing athletic performance. They’re also ideal for improving muscle length. It’s recommended that you use them after your workout session. 

How to Use a Massage Gun?

Using a massage gun on areas that feel stiff or tight is a relatively simple process. You can use them whenever you want to relieve muscle tension, before or after workouts. Using a machine gun for warmups can help activate muscles before a session. 

If you’re using it after a workout session, it is recommended that you use them 48 hours following your workout to help reduce the soreness pain and improve recovery. 

To use the gun effectively, there are some steps that you need to follow. 

  • To begin using a machine gun, find a spot or area on your body that feels stiff or tight.
  • Start by moving the gun over the same place. 
  • Add pressure to suit your tolerance. You can find a switch on the gun to manipulate pressure.
  • Apply pressure in the same spot for 15 seconds or sweep the area for 2 minutes. 

There are some things that you need to keep in mind while using a machine gun. 

  • Avoid using a machine gun over bony areas or spots.
  • Consult a physical therapist before using a machine gun if you have injuries. 
  • If you feel sore after using a machine gun, consult a physical therapist to avoid severe damage.
  • You need to consult your doctor before using a machine gun if you have nerve sensitivity or are pregnant. 

Using the best massage gun in Australia is excellent and safe for those who exercise often and face frequent muscle tension. However, there are certain areas of your body, like your neck and torso, that you should avoid using a massage gun over. 

Please consult your doctor before using a machine gun, as they can help you better figure out the uses.

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