Popular Sunglasses Myths Debunked

Sunglasses are adorned by everyone all around the world. Sunglasses are the perfect accessory to glam up any look. However, sunglasses are more than just a fashion accessory; it is known to have significant benefits for protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Sunglasses are vital for people who spend a lot of time outdoors or do many outdoor activities. 

There is obviously a lot of information on the web about sunglasses, and not all of them are accurate; some are fear-mongering people. Some information is so misconceived that it will hurt the emotions of the people who follow them and not help them. 

Where you get information from and how true that information pertains to a most critical issue. 

Do not make these minor mistakes like falling for myths that are click baits; instead, follow good knowledgeable sources. 

The best sunglasses are not equivalent to the most expensive sunglasses. The best sunglasses are those glasses that have useful features irrespective of the price.

Sunglasses are not just a fashion tool and accessory; this is something that needs to be stressed out a lot. Yes, it is widely used now as an accessory by many people due to its ability to bring certain oomph to an outfit and look, but the fact that sunglasses are only useful as an accessory is far from the reality, 

The best sunglasses, along with looking good, should protect against the elements, be it the harmful rays or dust. It should have the ability to protect your eyes from different issues.

There is a huge misconception that one should wear sunglasses when the day outside is bright and sunny. No, not at all; in fact, there is a lot of backlash from people who wear sunglasses on a typical day by their peers. Needless to say, UV rays are present even on a cloudy day, and there is absolutely no way you can tell if UV rays are entering our eyes or not. This is the reason wearing sunglasses is so essential, be it sunny or cloudy. 

There is a myth that wearing any sunglasses gives protection against harmful rays; that is not right because many cheap sunglasses do not offer any barrier protection against UV rays, which defeats the purpose of sunglasses. A buyer must check if the sunglasses offer 100% UV-A and UV-B protection before making a purchase. 

Dark sunglasses provide no UV protection; it needs to have the ability to the anti-reflection technology to be effective. Tinted glasses are not necessarily the best sunglasses; a light lens sunglasses can be 100% as effective in protecting your eyes if it has the UV filter than a non UV filter one. 

Colors lay no role in the impact and effectiveness of the protection sunglasses offer. As the name suggests, the Color is just a tint that tints the lenses to make it aesthetically pleasing and choose different consumers to choose from than just clear glasses.

There is a massive myth that putting on any sunglasses should suffice, just like covering your face doesn’t give protection like sunscreen; even substandard sunglasses do not help protect your pupils. There is a massive market for copy sunglasses, copy sunglasses might look similar to branded ones, but they do not help. 

There are many offers by brands during their sales; you can always pick up sunglasses that provide you with proper UV protection without trying the substandard.

Therefore, only the most expensive brands don’t need to offer such good glasses; most brands have a premium and a budget line. Brands know the importance of customers, and they come up with budget lines too, so that as consumers, you can make a better choice. 

There is a stigma among people with prescription glasses that they cannot wear sunglasses. This is absolutely false; many brands make prescription sunglasses, which is so much better than not wearing sunglasses. 

Most people ignore the fact that children are the ones who spend the most time outdoors; their requirement for sunglasses is far more than an adult who considerably spends tiny time outdoors. Sunglasses for kids come in all shapes and sizes, and so it wouldn’t be challenging to get a fit and style that is perfect for a child. 

Hopefully, this list of do’s and don’ts clears the air on the reality and the myths surrounding sunglasses.

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