Can I Buy The Abortion Pill Online?

Do you want to get rid of your unwanted pregnancy? Are you looking to buy an abortion pill online? The idea of visiting a clinic and waiting anxiously for the doctor to check for your pregnancy seems not a good idea for many women. Most of the women agreed to abort their baby with a traditional abortion pill online intake. The medical abortion method is one of the best methods to abort an unwanted baby. With the help of the medical abortion method, you can easily solve your problem related to unwanted pregnancy. Every woman wants to abort their baby in a safe and private place. Therefore, this could be one of the reasons most of the women prefer to take medical abortion methodology as the best process to abort their baby. The abortion pills can be taken in the private place of your house, and no one would get an idea about your pregnancy. The two pregnancy abortion pills known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used to terminate your pregnancy with ease. It is possible to take the medical abortion pill and buy them online and ask a doctor for assistance.

Now, the government of the US has also given permission at some places to consume Mifepristone and Misoprostol online to obtain a medical abortion. According to the health report generated by the FDA, it has been recommended that these abortion pills, especially Mifepristone, should be taken under the eye of the physician. While at someplace, the US Food and Drug federation has knocked down the sites for those selling these abortion medicines online. If your agency is not approved, then the FDA will warn you to stop selling these medicines online.

These types of drugs should be given only by certified health professionals to end a pregnancy. Now, let us discuss the working of these abortion pills.

Working of the abortion pill, you buy online

When you buy abortion pill online, then you need to take some measures before consuming it. These two medicines should be taken one by one. Firstly, you should take the Mifepristone abortion pill to abort your pregnancy. You can intake this pill orally; that will help you to stop the pregnancy from growing. When you intake these medicines, some of the women will face issues like nausea or bleeding. These symptoms are not so common. Therefore, you need to consult a doctor if these symptoms persist in you. Suppose you intake this medicine in front of your doctor. It will help to prevent infection in your body.

When you intake Mifepristone, the first medicine, then you can take the second medicine Misoprostol after 48 hours. You can consult a doctor before taking this pill. Your doctor should advise you when you can intake this medicine. The main symptom most of the women experience is cramping and heavy bleeding. This is because when you intake this medicine, the lining of the uterus gets broken, and it becomes empty.

Most of the women tend to see these symptoms usually within one to four hours after taking the second medicine. You may able to see clumps of issues or large blood clots during the bleeding process. These blood clots are very big, just like the size of a lemon. You will experience a heavy period, and the pain that will be the same as the pain occurs in the early miscarriage.

You should contact your doctor if there were no bleeding within 24 hours of taking the second medicine, Misoprostol. You do not need to worry about the cramps or the bleeding process because it is normal after the second medicine. The cramping and bleeding will last for four to five hours continually and will slow down as soon as the pregnancy tissues come out. Some women may also experience cramping for at least one or two days.

If you do not have the ability to bear the cramping pain, then you can intake ibuprofen medicine before taking the second abortion pill. We recommend you to consult a doctor before you intake this medicine. This medicine should be taken before thirty minutes when you are ready to take the second medicine. To avoid bleeding spots on your clothes, you can make use of pads, menstrual cups, and tampons. If you consult your doctor before taking these abortion pills, then they will recommend you to make the use of pads for at least four days because the bleeding will continue. You can buy abortion pill online to get easy access to abortion medicines online.

Side effects of consuming the abortion pill

There are various side effects you are likely to experience when you buy an abortion pill online for aborting the pregnancy. They are:

  • You may likely to experience cramps and heavy bleeding
  • Large clots of blood will be seen coming from your vagina.
  • Your stomach may become upset for many days.
  • You may experience vomiting in some cases.
  • Diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, and mild fever are also seen as common symptoms of consuming abortion pills.

To ease these symptoms, you can consult your health professional so that they will provide medication to prevent infection. You can also put a hot water bottle at your stomach that would give you relief from pain. Now the medical abortion process has become easier due to the availability of pills. The medical abortion pills are available online and would help you in terminating your pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill online at affordable prices.

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