If You Think Ambulance Callouts Are Free In Australia – Then Think Again

ambulance cover only

When you spotted this title, it was probably a great surprise to you to find that calling an ambulance to your home or business is not a completely free service in Australia. Once you get over the initial shock of reading this, you should be aware that every time that you pick up the phone and call out the emergency services there may be a bill heading your way. It is truly a sad state of affairs but like everything in life, we need to get out ahead of this and put plans in place so that it doesn’t affect us.

One of the first things that you should do is to take out an insurance policy that offers you and your family members ambulance cover only and this will give you the peace of mind that you need so that when you make the call, you don’t have to be worried about the financial implications of doing so. People’s health should be our priority and so having something like the cost of calling out the emergency services on your shoulders, is not something you want to experience.

With that in mind however, it’s important that you know when is the right time to call out an ambulance to your home or business and so hopefully the following pieces of information will allow you to make the best decision when your time comes.

  • When a life is at threat – None of us are medical practitioners and so we cannot be expected to make a decision when it comes to our family members who are suffering a life-threatening situation. You should always use the person who is feeling unwell as your general yardstick and so if they are feeling particularly vulnerable about something that is happening to them inside their bodies then this would be a good time to call on the emergency services.
  • If someone is choking – This is a terrifying situation to find yourself in and is one of the reasons why many Australians should learn about doing the Heimlich manoeuvre today. It’s likely that you will panic however and so if a person is unable to breathe and you can’t remove the blockage by slapping on their back or maybe even doing the manoeuvre, then this is certainly a time to call out an ambulance for assistance.
  • Involvement in a traffic accident – Australia’s roads are getting more congested every single day and so the likelihood of experiencing a road traffic accident even though you are trying to be careful still remains quite high. If you or your family members are involved in such an accident and the ability to move after it escapes you then it’s likely that you have badly hurt yourself and so you need to call out ambulance services.

No one should ever be put in a situation where they have to make a judgement call on whether or not they want to call out an ambulance due to the costs involved.

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