How Can Email Marketing Drive Organic Traffic?

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The Internet has become the major tool for marketing for many businesses no matter how small or large. There are various online platforms to market your business over. But Email remains one of the most important ones.

Now as long as you are connected to stable internet and your marketing team keeps track of their activities regularly, you can boost your client base to a great extent. If you don’t already have a stable enough connection, consider Spectrum Internet. Spectrum provides an amazing connection for you and your team so that your marketing activities never stop. Simply contact Spectrum Customer Service and get yourself an amazing connection.

As long as you are online, you can use different tools and platforms to boost your website traffic both organically and inorganically. Organic traffic is something that isn’t easy to achieve but is also something that can attract some of the most loyal customers. If you want to know how Email Marketing can boost organic traffic, keep reading as we explain below ways email marketing drives traffic organically to your business site.

Accurate Targeting

Website bounce rate is something of a big concern for digital marketers. Besides, why would they like people visiting their sites just to never return? This is where email marketing shines. Through carefully building your email recipients’ list, you can send your marketing emails to people who would actually be interested in your business and would thus spend more time over your website in search of something of their interest. Unlike other marketing strategies, email marketing has an edge of being more personalized and targeted which eventually improves organic traffic.

Personalized Messaging

Another edge that tools like Email can have over other marketing platforms is that you can make it personalized and tailored to every individual receiver. When someone receives an email addressing them with their name, it feels more important than reading a general ad. Potential clients, when receiving such a tailored message that makes them feel important. And there are more chances of them reading through the whole email, and if it is targeted at the right audience, they will consider visiting your website, boosting your organic traffic.

Providing an Excellent Customer Support

Brands need to interact with their customers and email marketing provides an excellent platform to interact with customers, both corporate and general alike. When your customer needs direct assistance from you, he can get your email address from your website and contact you. And receiving a prompt and personalized response in return will make him feel valued, increasing the chances of him continuing to be your client. Customer Support is an integral part of marketing and customer retention, and email can help a lot in improving it and thus building up your organic traffic.

Brand Recognition:

No more generic initials in the sender image section. It’s time to take back the inbox by displaying the trademark logo with the help of a Verified Mark Certificate (VMC).

Verified Mark Certificates or VMCs are digital certificates that allow your organization to display a trademarked logo next to the ‘sender’ field in your client’s inbox. Email users can use it to confirm and protect themselves against phishing and spoofing attacks, similar to a check mark on social media. Thus, with added security and a trademark logo, email recipients trust your brand more and increase open email rates.

Availability of Relevant Tools

While online media can help you market your business to a large number of audience easily and efficiently, you will need tools to assist you in your internet marketing activities. With email marketing, you have the added benefit of having different relevant tools that can boost your campaign and help you grow even stronger when it comes to marketing. There are many free and paid plans and they even provide options for integration. So there is a solution for every type of business with these amazing tools.

Some of these tools are as follows:

  • HubSpot
  • Omnisend
  • MailerLiter
  • SendinBlue
  • MailChimp

Audience Segmentation

One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is the ability to segment the audience. You can segment who people will receive your brand’s message into many categories such as Customers, Potential Customers, Repeated customers, Leads, New Subscribers, Regular Readers, and much more.

Using segmentation to its fullest will help you lead your email marketing campaign in the best possible way, since not all kinds of the target audience are the same and not every one can be satisfied with the same type of content. You can tweak your email market copies according to your segmented audience.

Sometimes, different marketing campaigns are running simultaneously, and it can create a bit of confusion without segmentation. By using email segmentation according to the engagement status of different audiences, marketing teams can better identify which campaign stream to place different individuals in. It not only moves clients through the sales funnel but also keeps them engaged by delivering relevant information at the correct moment to each user.

To Conclude

Email marketing is one of the most efficient ways to build your brand and generate more leads organically. Organic marketing, while can be hard at times, builds a base of organically driven audiences that you can convert into your permanent buyers. All you need to do is realize the ways email marketing can help drive traffic to your website, so that you can use these ways in the best possible ways. We have enlisted above some of the ways email marketing can drive organic traffic so that you can efficiently use this mode of marketing to your benefit.

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