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Everything you need to know about Volite Hydration Treatment

Youthful and hydrated skin is something everyone is looking for .At the same time we do not want to go for surgical treatments and over the counter products might not give us the results we desire. Then Volite Hydration Treatment is exactly what you are looking for. Volite gives you dewy, bright and radiant skin, instantly. And these results stay for long- over nine months!! To preserve the glow and youthfulness of your skin we must treat it with the right kind of skin care regimen and safe and non surgical intervention which can restore the essential moisture of the skin.

Volite Hydration Treatment
Volite Hydration Treatment

In this light let us consider how Volite Hydration Treatment can be just what we are looking for.

What is Volite Hydration Treatment?

Volite is an anti aging skin care product which is ingestible into your skin. This product is
designed in such a way that it infuses moisture to your skin and improves the overall look and feel of the skin which lasts up to nine months!! And what more you get all of these in only one sitting!! This treatment is not at like the typical derma fillers. Volite is a skin conditioner – hyaluronic acid, a gel which improves the skin smoothness and diminishes fine lines, provides hydration and elasticity to your skin. This treatment aims to deliver results that last for long while eliminating the need of multiple sittings.
 Is this treatment for me?
If you are noticing those fine lines building up and maybe you look tired and your skin needs some radiance and you are not ready for a more invasive and surgical treatment, then this treatment is for you. If you say you want healthy, glowing skin then this is absolutely perfect for you.

This is not a dermal filler treatment?

Yes it isn’t a dermal filler treatment, but it is in between a salon ready really good facial and procedures like dermal fillers. This treatment works from within your skin without making it look voluptuous.

Is this a painful treatment?

This treatment is not painful because the anesthetic cream which is typically applied before the treatment makes your face numb so would not feel a thing. There might be a slight tingling sensation but other than that, not a thing!! Also, this treatment doesn’t take a very long time and it will be over before you would know it!! Even after the treatment, you might find your face looking a little pink but there will be no pain. All of this is assured if you undergo the treatment at a reputed and recognized clinic under the guidance of experts who know the ins and outs of it.

Is Volite Hydration Treatment safe?

The main element of Volite Hydration Treatment is Hyaluronic Acid which is naturally present in your skin. This is one reason why any allergy tests or additional skin tests are not required before you go for the treatment. Which makes this an absolutely safe treatment but as mentioned earlier, like most of the surgical procedures this treatment should be performed by expert doctors who have years of professional experience and skills. Which you are ensured to get at Musk Clinic Ahmedabad.

What to do before the treatment?

Prior to your treatment, first of all do not consume alcohol before 24 hours of the treatment. Secondly you should inform your Clinic or doctor where you wish to take the treatment, about any medical conditions that you would have or any medical treatment that you are undergoing. Finally it is advisable to avoid undergoing the treatment if you have been taking antibiotics. Moreover make sure you consult a good doctor or a clinic who would brief you in details about the dos and don’ts

How will I feel after the treatment?

Although most of the patients treated by the Volite Hydrafacial are able to go about their
routine in one day’s time, there can be small inconveniences that you should consider. The small raised areas where the injections were inserted would disappear in 1-2 hours after the treatment, the common bruising and redness will take a few days to get rid of in case of a sensitive skin. To ensure that you avail the maximum benefits from the treatment, do follow all the instructions which your clinic or doctor might lay down for you.

How can I find out more about the treatment?

The best thing to do is to consult a clinic in your city which offers a demo consultation for the treatment. Go for a Clinic of repute and make sure that you read the Client reviews before you decide on anything. You can also get in touch with Musk Clinic, Ahmedabad, and we would guide with the ins and outs of Volite Hydration treatment.

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