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Essential Decor Items to Keep At Home

Decorating something is a very personal thing. One can decide on the items depending on their house and how they want their house to look like. From rugs to furniture to light and other accessories—everything depends on how one wants to decorate the house.

One can also go for luxury home decor but before that one has to have a clear idea about what they want as a decor item to decorate their house. Here are some ideas that one can think of when they are talking about decor items:

Statement Lighting

Each and every home needs at least one great light. This can be a decorative table lamp or a statement chandelier or just a scone. Now, this statement piece can be a great factor which can make the room look in a different light.

A Tray

Trays should be there in every home because they serve a lot of reasons. They can be used to carry multiple items at the same time. Apart from carrying things, these trays can be used as corral accessories and be kept just on the table top. This can help one as well to organise the decorative vignettes. If one wants to place multiple small items together on the table top then they can be placed together in a tray as well. The trays can be of different materials and different colours and one can match them with the rest of the theme of the room.

Something Vintage

One must keep a thing which is a bit vintage in their house. This can absolutely escalate the decor quotient of the house. Now what can one keep as a vintage item? It can be any decorative accessory, a small piece of furniture (like a vintage mirror or a tray) or can be a piece of fabric hung from the wall. Vintage pieces always add some stories to the room.


Those who are not ardent readers can still keep a few books as decorative items. Suppose if one has a coffee table on the living room, then one must keep a few hardcover books on them to make it look beautiful. Also if one has shelves which are empty, then books are the perfect decorative things to fill them up. One also keeps them as per their heights.

Window Treatments

One must know that empty windows always look impersonal. So, one has to keep a window treatment and it can be shutters, drapes or blinds. One must add any of these to each and every window of their house. This has to match the personal taste of the owner of the house and the other decors.

A Bench or Ottoman

It is a great piece of furniture which one can use for extra seating. They are very much versatile and so one can keep them anywhere in the room. They can be foldable as well so one can just fold them up when not needed to be used.

One can always buy home decor online as there are endless varieties available.

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