Custom Poly Mailer Bags Gives More Customer Satisfaction:Know More

custom poly mailer bags

Poly mailers are technically known as “polyethylene mailers.” They deliver various features like- lightweight, weather-proof, and self-sealing. Moreover, poly mailers have replaced cardboard boxes for shipping as they are easy to send. 

Poly mailers are ideal for shipping apparel and various other items. The items are safe as it prevents dirt, dust, moisture, and damages. Poly mailers make sure that items reach the customer’s doorstep.

Poly mailers are comprised of light & synthetic polyethylene. Polyethylene is widely used from shopping bags to detergent bottles. Businesses dealing with a lot of shipping products ensure to make customers happy. They are using custom poly mailer bags that look fashionable yet practical. 


➤ Reusable Packaging

Sustainable fashion has become the role model for companies that are not following in their footsteps. However, brands are showing responsibility as a good citizen by saving the environment. 

The use of poly mailers is to protect mother nature as they offer a recycling feature. Instead of tearing the package, one can easily open it up with a tear strip attached. Some brands also deliver an additional adhesive strip to seal it again after the initial use. 

➤ Cost Reduction

Effective packaging is a part of marketing strategy. An excellent package attracts customers to purchase the product. Companies spend a lot of money on the packaging to deliver higher satisfaction to the customers. 

Thanks to custom poly mailers because they are economical in contrast to packages made up of other materials. Though cost varies as it depends on size & specific features of the packaging, still less cost is required in the case of poly mailers packages. While transporting the goods, the load is less, which leads to low shipping & handling cost.

Extra Product Protection 

Poly-mailer comes in various prints and designs. They look stylish and deliver the security of the products. Customers have experienced damaged products while receiving the item at their doorsteps.

Plastic packages or cardboard packages are not safe for the products stored in it. These all the primary reasons that make poly mailer acceptance more in comparison to other packages. 

Types of Poly Mailers

➤ Layflat Poly Mailers

It’s a flat polyethylene bag that has the capacity to hold bigger items. Moreover, it’s better for the products that don’t require cushioning. They are easily sealed with the self-adhesive strip and generally used by big e-commerce companies.

Clear View Poly Mailers

They are transparent poly mailers on the front side and opaque from the backside of the packaging. They are used for shipping items like- catalogs, brochures, and magazines. The opaque side has some labeling on it, which includes important information. 

Bubble-Lined Poly Mailers

Easily broken goods made up of glass, or other materials need extra cushioning. These fragile goods need cardboard coverage as well as additional protection from bubble-lined poly mailers.  

In conclusion, make your customer’s experience good & memorable by using poly mailers.

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