Metallurgy is a complex science used in everyday operations and manufacturing processes in industries, construction sites and other applications. The technological integration of cryogenics with various mechanical processes has improved the work efficiency in these sectors. Shrink fitting is a process that uses cryogenic gas like liquid nitrogen, oxygen, etc., to fit two pieces of metal together. In this process, the two metals are mechanically formed together via interference to create an integrated assembly. This technique is applicable to make bearings, sockets, rivets, railway components, etc.

Why industries prefer cryogenic techniques for the fitting process:

  • It does not change the material composition of two metals formed together.
  • This application is predominant in manufacturing, medicine, construction and more.
  • Inner parts of components are cooled at sub-zero temperatures to speed up the process.
  • The metal formed inside the other is quickly cooled to its freezing point to shrink using the cryogenic liquid. On deciding and finalising the position, the metal is brought back to room temperature.
  • After the shrink fitting process, the final form of the component is seamless and clean.
  • Heating a component for forming will lead to overheating and melting it. It damages both the physical and chemical properties of the element. The cryogenic fitting allows the components to retain their original shape in the end.

Tips for finding the best cryogenic service provider:

There are a lot of trustworthy cryogenic service providers like Coregas, for example, who deliver the best experience for their clients. To avoid the hassle of poor service, keep in mind the following points:

  • Customer service: When company owners hire cryogenic experts, they must consider the service provider’s history. They can chat with their fellow industry professionals and find out the best service providers in town. Many cryogenic services have stand-by cylinders ready to be delivered on request, even during emergencies. For applications involving bulk and micro bulk installation, they must have a dedicated team of engineers who work closely with the client to understand their requirements for shrink fitting.
  • Top-quality service and equipment: Try to check for their accreditations and other relevant qualifications before hiring them. Most cryogenic service companies have AS/NZS ISO 9001 quality-grade endorsement. It is also necessary to have certification and recognition from NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) for manufacturing reference gas mixtures. Top-quality cryogens will be available to clients only if there is no compromise on quality. No client wishes to risk their operations and the lives of their employees.
  • Environment impact: The social responsibility aspect of the service provider will prove to clients how dedicated they are to preserving the environment. They must deliver the requested service without compromising efficiency and quality, simultaneously taking care of their carbon footprints. Their everyday processes must be done meticulously, from manufacturing and storing the cryogens to transportation to the client’s site. They must also have a functioning system to control polluting the eco-space.
  • Volume Deliverables and safety: The client needs to visit the storage facilities of the cryogenic service providers. It allows them to understand the volumes they can deliver on placing orders. If the service provider does not have sufficient storage tanks and filling facilities in the city, there is no use in taking any service from them. Top cryogenic service companies have well-established production plants and storage units across the country to make and store all the chemical components required, like Hydrogen and Nitrogen, 24/7. Production and storage facilities must adhere to all safety requirements and government laws, ensuring the protection of individuals both on-site and at the client’s location.

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