Best water purifiers under 10000

Best Water Purifier under 10000

A good water purifier is an essential home appliance. Water pipes near the sewer line contain many harmful pesticides such as fluoride, chlorine which makes water unhealthy to drink. So in these circumstances, a water purifier helps to kill or remove harmful pesticides and bacteria from water and ensures to give healthy and safest water to drink.

There are many brands in Indian market who sell water purifiers but Today we come with the list of best water purifiers under 10000 on the basis of their performance, customer ratings, and most important features.

Here is the list of Best Water Purifier under 10000 – 

Eureka Forbes Aquasqure Delight MTDS+RO+UV

Eureka Forbes Aquasure is a good and 1st choice for best water purifier under 10000. It comes with advances in TDS technology which helps to maintain or improve the taste of water. Its MTDS + RO + UV technology make sure that the water you get is healthy, pure, and safe.

Features –

TDS Regulator to improve the taste of water

7 Liter Storage Tank

Advance MTDS + RO + UV technology

Free Installation by Eureka

1-year warranty


Affordable and Economical

MTDS + RO + UV Purification

It has many service center across India

It has stainless steel Diverter Valve

Cons – 

External Sediment Filter not included which cost 950Rs extra

Hindware Elara 7-Liter RO+UF+UV

Hindware Elara is 2nd best choice for Water Purifier under 10000 in India. It has the latest 7 stage purification Technology, comes with 7 liter storage capacity and it also has a mineralizer cartridge.  

It has amazing looks and elegant design water purifier. It comes with LED indicators for tank full, power on/off, and purification process.

Features –

Suitable for TDS level up to 1800

Free Installation

36watts Input Voltage

900+ Service Center in all over India

1-year warranty

Pros –

7 Stage Purification Technology

100% RO Purified Water

LED Indicator

7 liter storage tank

Amazing looks


External Sediment Filter not included

Livpure Pep star UV+UF+RO

It has 7 stage water filtration process – RO membrane, Sediment filter, pre-advanced carbon filter, UV disinfection column, Antiscalant Cartridge, mineralizer, and ultrafiltration cartridge.

Features –

Suitable for TDS level up to 1500

7 stage water filtration process

50 Hz Input Voltage

Free installation by Livpure

1-year warranty

Pros – 

7 liter storage water tank

Full tank indicator

UV, UF, RO Purification

Cons – 

3 star reviews on Amazon

Faber Galaxy MAT+UF+RO

Faber Galaxy water purifier has 9 liters of storage capacity water tank. It has mineralizer filtration which adds essential minerals like calcium, copper and magnesium. This technology helps to improve the taste and ensures to give purified water to drink.

Features – 

Suitable for TDS level up to 2500

Adds essential minerals calcium, copper

Free installation by Faber

1-year warranty

Pros – 

MAT technology

Comes with free pre-filter ( external sediment filter)

Cons –

Services may not available in every towns and city

Cons – 

Service may be not available in small parts of India

Hul Pureit Classic Mineral UV+RO

Hul Pureit Classic Mineral has 6 stage purification process. This water purifier also has a mineral cartridge which adds essential minerals like calcium, magnesium. The maintenance cost of the Hul Pureit Classic Mineral is low as compare to other water purifiers.

Features – 

6-stage Purification technology with RO+UV technology

Low maintenance cost as compared to others

Suitable TDS level up t0 1800

Free Installation

1 year warranty

Pros –

External Sediment Included

Low water wastage

Have Mineral Cartridge Technology

Cons –

Service Problem in Rural areas


What is the Maintenance Cost RO Water Purifier?

 The average Maintenance Cost of a water purifier is 2,500 INR to 5,000 INR. This is depending on purification stages.

The cartridge in RO water purifier needs to be changed once in a year. The RO membrane needs to be changed in every 3-4 years, depending on the usage of the RO water purifier.

What is the Installation Cost of Water Purifier?

Many RO water purifiers companies give free installation. However, it’s based on the pressure level at the installation area. Some companies give free sediment filter which cost around 950Rs INR.


Conclusion –

RO water purifier waste too much water you can reuse if you store water in a container and reuse it for washing clothes, cleaning utensils, and etc.

So we hope we cover all your Doubts and now you can choose the best water purifier under 10000 for your home, office.

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