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All About Weightlifting Belts For Women

Weightlifting belts have become quite common these days. These belts are said to improve your performance and lessen the risk of an injury. A weightlifting belt stabilizes your trunk and supports your spine, which results in improving your performance. When you buy the best weightlifting belt, you get to see how the belt cuts down the spinal load and helps in providing proper alignment. This then enables you to lift more weight and improve your performance.

If you are into heavy weightlifting or an athlete, weightlifting belts are made for you. They prevent you from injury, help you lift more and more weight and aid you to complete the job peacefully. Here are a few more things that you must know about weightlifting belts for women and men before you wear one.

Difference Between Male & Female Belts

The significant difference that male and female weight lifting belts have is their size. Women’s belts come in smaller sizes so that they can fit the smaller anatomy of female athletes precisely. Although there are no unique materials used for female belts, there are many online shops that have an exclusive range of women’s leather weightlifting belts.

  • Women’s leather weightlifting belts are durable and flexible. They give you that much needed extra gain you have always been craving for. The ease of use that you get in women’s leather belts can be obtained nowhere.
  • Talking about the size, female weight lifting belts are made with width 2″ or 3″, but for men, it’s not less than 4″. If you are a woman athlete and you mistakenly get to use male lifting belt, you may end up with bruises on your ribs and hips. Also, a belt that is larger than your preferred size can restrict your movement and decrease your gains rather than increasing.
  • To sum it up, if you are planning to enrol yourself in weightlifting competitions, then women’s leather weightlifting belts should be your only choice. It will provide you with enough support for heavyweights and will make you win.

Benefits Of Weightlifting Belts For Women

One of the well-known benefits that female weight lifting belts provide is the enhancement in performance. Once you start wearing lifting belts, you can gradually see growth in your performance. A weightlifting belt for women causes less pressure on the spine and tends to improve the yields.

  • While you wear a belt, especially women’s leather weightlifting belts, your muscles push against the belt when you workout. And this helps in increasing your intra abdominal pressure rapidly.
  • Due to the steady nature of the belt, you feel an added pressure inside your abdominal cavity. Gradually this pressure stabilizes your spine by pressing it from inside. And as you are already working out, your muscles tend to support your spine from outside. Therefore, pressure from outside as well as inside helps in keeping your spine in the best neutral position during your whole workout session.
  • Also, due to the neutral position of the spine, there are least chances of injuries by lateral flexion or overextension. And you get improved yield too.

Final Word

Weightlifting belts come in different designs and materials. With various features, varieties, fit, construction, and cost; make sure you buy the best. In case you are doubtful about your purchase, comment down below all your queries. Our professionals will get in touch at the earliest and help you out to buy the best.

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