When to Upgrade Your Magnification?

Surgical loupes have proven to provide several benefits to surgeons. When you decide to purchase loupes, it is recommended to choose the lowest magnification that is required for you.

There are two reasons why loupes are used. First and most importantly, dentists wear dental loupes to have a clear and magnifying vision. A second important reason is they provide proper ergonomics while practicing by reducing strain on the eyes and chances of back pain and neck pain. Another important reason is loupes are worn to provide proper ergonomics to clinicians or dentists while practicing. 

A pair of loupes works as an extra layer of eyes that provides extra magnification to view the area of focus, thereby intensifying the output of the treating procedure.

It is imperative to know that as magnification increases, the field of vision decreases. A 2.5x magnification is very common for first-time loupe wearers as there is an increased field of view which is easy to adjust and use in giving patients proper care. As vision changes over time, your magnification needs to be upgraded to reduce the stress on the eyes. 

Many health professionals have embraced magnification and illumination to enhance understanding. Some may find dental loupes that once served them no longer provide top performance. While evidence-based guidelines on when to upgrade your magnification or when you should replace the loupes are not available, you may experience various symptoms which indicate the time for an upgrade of magnification.

Let us look through some key reasons that suggest you should upgrade your magnification.

Vision Changes

Eyewear prescriptions should be kept up to date, and the same is suitable for magnification in loupes. Ensure you have the right magnification level to prevent eye strain and irritation and promote the correct ergonomics. If you find the vision needs to be clarified as before, it is time to upgrade your magnification. Because visual acuity reduces with age, one should examine eyes every two years. Whenever you face any problem in the field of vision while wearing loupes, remember it’s time to change the magnification of the lens.


Headaches can be a sign of eyestrain. If a dentist or clinician is experiencing an increase in headache, it may be a sign that loupe magnification power is not strong enough and need to be upgraded. Not only do headaches pose a challenge to comfort, but they can cause additional tension in the neck and pain, thus, causing pain. If the pain continues, then it could cause serious problems.

Neck and back pain

If forced to lean closer to the patient to check magnifying images of elements of mouth, if continued, a person with low-power loupes or no loupes can cause severe pain and injuries. Pain in the back, shoulder, and neck is often a side effect of poor ergonomics. When doctors struggle to access the patient, they usually fall out of proper posture that prevents injury.

Reduced clarity

If the edges of the teeth are blurry, it is time to upgrade magnification. Maintaining edge-to-edge clarity allows for less eye stress, reducing overall vision strain. Working with decreased clarity can magnify other symptoms too. Using the right loupe, you can systematically perform at work and obtain excellent outcomes without straining your eyes and affecting your overall body posture.

Scratched lenses

Much debris is produced during any procedure, containing harsh particles. Although loupes have protective coatings on the lenses, extreme care is needed to avoid scratches. Providers may also weigh the benefits of anti-reflective coatings and determine whether the loupes will function properly.

Dental loupes should be of high grade because low-grade dental loupes have a high chance of getting scratches on the lens. If you buy loupes from Schultz, you can stay tension free about getting scratches on the lenses. Schultz loupes have the best dental loupes, made of high-quality scratch-resistant outer coating that prevents scratches and marks. 

Proper magnification is significant to maintain good health and avoid problems like headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain. Proper magnification plays a significant role in providing the patient with proper health care and accurate results. When loupes are uncomfortable to wear, or any of the above symptoms match you, it is essential to explore upgraded magnification to protect your vision and treat your patients properly. Schultz Loupes may help you by providing the best dental loupes with less chance of getting scratched, and you can rely on them for very long years.


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